Day 297: Having A Plan

Never underestimate the positive effects of having a plan in place. A plan is like an anchor or security line, it keeps you safe and comfortable with the situation you find yourself in. While life hardly ever goes according to plan, when we have something to refer to every once and a while, we feel more confidence in our everyday situations.

As we have seen more so this year than any other year in our lives, plans don’t always work. Even the best laid plans can go completely out of the window based on the craziest of things. It can feel incredibly disorienting when you think about how your world can shift in a single day and you sit there helplessly watching your plans fly out the window.

However, even though we cannot control everything that happens in our life, we can do the best we can. Every moment we face we are in control of because we are in control of our reactions. So when the plans disappear and life feels like it’s falling apart, grab hold of your heart and your mind.

Resist the urge to panic and allow yourself the chance to slow down. When you feel like your are flying through life out of control, take a step back and simply look at what you have right this second. That’s your starting point. From that point on you can do absolutely anything you want with your life, but you must understand where you are coming from first.

You can re-plan your life as many times are you want. Wake up every day and start a new plan if you want, but the important thing is having a plan. When you have a plan, no matter how tentative it is, you will feel so much more relaxed when walking through your life. You have a destination to walk towards, no matter how far into the future it is, it’s there and you are heading towards it.

While having a plan is a breath of fresh air in a crazy life, remember to always be flexible. When you’re flexible, a failed plan will be the start of a new one instead of the end of your peace. Chaos if part of life, but you have the power to minimize it.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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