Day 295: Sharing Honestly

One of the down sides to writing a blog is often the fact that what you write isn’t always personal. I know that I have found myself falling into this, especially since I have written over three hundred blog posts since I started this website. You can easily fall into the routine of writing about large and broad topics such as change and time while passing over topics that are closer to your heart, such as feeling hopeless.

It’s easy to not reveal much about who you are when writing a blog post. Behind every post written, whether that be in an actual blog or even in a caption on Instagram, is a living and breathing human being. They have their own stories and their own feelings and we can lose that so quickly in our busy and clouded lives.

Yesterday I posted one of my most honest blog posts I’ve ever shared. It contained a journal entry from a few days ago and it really just poured my soul out to anyone who would listen. It gave a voice to the feelings I have been dealing with in an honest and beautiful way. It was refreshing to feel as if I was sharing my thoughts with a friend, even though there wasn’t a physical person in front of me when I was writing.

If this blog post serves as any sort of anything to you, I hope you take away this, honest is by far one of the best policies. It’s so easy to walk around life without admitting anything, even to yourself. We keep so many things secret from who we are. There are things we feel and think about that we try and hide from our own hearts and minds. That shouldn’t be.

Open yourself up to the things you are feeling. If you have a journal, pour out the words you’ve been keeping inside. Write for as long as you need to, I know I did the other night. The words just kept coming and flowing and pouring out like a flood. Once you have the words out you can close the journal and keep it safe on the shelf of a bookcase. Or you can dare to be brave and put your words out into the world.

You might be surprised at how inspiring your words might be to others. Someone might be feeling the same things you are and by putting that into the world, you reach out an invisible hand to that other person and remind them that they are not alone. Your words are your to do whatever you want with, but being open and honest, even to a computer screen, can ease the heavy load you carry on your shoulders.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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