Day 293: Taking Risks

We as people are too content with the destination we have arrived in. There are places out there that are beyond our current situation, places we have never been or even seen a glimpse of. Those places are calling to us and daring us to move forward. However, life tends to form a desire inside of us for comfort and stability.

We reach a place and become content with the view and the things around us. We can remain in that same location for days, weeks or even years without ever considering to venture out into the unknown. Yet comfort takes control of us and keeps us in one place because it is safe and comfortable, compared to the unknown.

There are dreams out there calling to us and new places begging for us to explore them, and yet we remains where we are. What a shame it is to waste our lives by living in the same place and continuing with our same routines every single day. Mundane becomes safer than trying, and we continue about our lives as if remaining where we are is exactly what we want.

While we may want security and comfort, our hearts beat for adventure. For the things unseen. For the dreams we desire. For the life we want to live. Our hearts long to escape from everything that we know and venture into the future of the unknown and the new. There are amazing things our there that we have not seen and our hearts know it.

Remaining where we are is detrimental to our future. If we desire to progress in any way in our lives, we must move and change our scenery. When we remain still, we give up the chance to grow, to explore, and to build our lives as we have seen them in our dreams. The future is everything we want it to be, but comfort will never allow it to become all that it can be.

When we break through our comfort zones, we have the chance to learn new things, to face new situations and people, and to run after our dreams with everything we have in us. Comfort may seem enticing and secure, but it creates a life filled with wasted opportunity. And that is not the story we want to remember when we reach our death bed.

All the greats who have lived on this earth never accomplished anything by remaining still. They experimented, faced incredibly great risks, took on extreme ridicule, and pushed forward nonetheless. You have dreams that you must grow into and risk things for, just like all the amazing people who have come before you.

Life requires risk. Are you willing to risk your comfort and security for your dream life?

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

The fog hangs thick over the highlands, trapping every soul it encounters. Through the air one can hear the rush of wind through the feathers of wings and that sound creates a longing for freedom and the things just beyond reach.

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