Day 292: The Game Of Hindsight

Hindsight can be a very painful game to play. It happens when we begin to venture down the road of looking at and searching in our past. We see situations we didn’t understand at the time and desire to go back and tell ourselves exactly what would happen. Over time we grow and learn, and it becomes a very dangerous game to look at on the past.

We have all lived through situations, both good and bad, and we have all looked back at least once in our lifetime. The current situation we are in will eventually end up that way, where we’re sitting in a time years from now, looking back on where we are today. It happens to the best of us because that is how life progresses.

Playing the game of hindsight is a torture to your heart. Saying things like, “I should have known,” or “If only I knew,” get us into terrible mental states that wreck us emotionally. We want so badly to go back in time and change our perception or reaction to certain things happening, but no matter what we do, we can never go back. For better or for worse.

When we begin to sink into a cycle of hindsight, we must remind ourselves that we truly did not know. We might have learned from that situation and know that lesson now, but back then there was no way for us to understand what was coming. It wasn’t obvious because we were in the middle of it, it’s only obvious to us now because we have been through it.

The past is a trap and a burden to even the happiest people in the world. We all look back and see the things we have been through and put ourselves through and wonder if there was some way we could have kept it all from happening. But there isn’t, you couldn’t have changed a thing and even if you could have it would have led to other situations and circumstances you would have had to learn from.

We cannot allow the past and hindsight to drag us backwards from our beautiful future. Don’t blame yourself for something you truly did not understand. You are not your mistakes or your decisions, you are what you become because of them. You can stay there regretting it all, or get up and make a future for yourself that is better than the past because you now know something you didn’t.

The choice is yours and it is terribly simple. Don’t fall for the dangerous game of hindsight, look to the future and focus on the present. That’s the only way you can truly live.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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