Day 287: Starting Again

It is never too late in life, in the year, in the day, to reset and reassess your life and your goals. It is never too late at any point in time to reconsider what it is you are pursuing and what you feel like chasing after. At any moment you have the power to change your mind and your course. What you are doing now does not have to be what you are doing tomorrow. All it takes is the decision to move away from your current path.

This year has been a crazy year, ask anyone and they would tell you the exact same thing. It was supposed to be things incredible year, or at least that’s what everyone was expecting. 2020 seemed like the perfect year all around, the start of a decade and moving away from the twenty teens. It was going to be great, until it really wasn’t.

We don’t need to go into any sort of details, but this year hasn’t gone like we planned. Therefore, all the goals we set in January and all the big ideas we had, were kind of washed down the drain. Some of us may have even given up on the rest of the year. Almost as if the first six months will dictate the next six.

We let the same thing happen with each month, week, day, and even hour. When we waste part of it or it goes to ruins, we give up on the other half. We should really be cautious of this mindset because it is detrimental to our success. If every day that was started on the wrong side of the bed was completely ruined because of it, how awful our lives would go. Just because something didn’t go as planned doesn’t mean we cannot change that.

Our lives are flexible. At any point in time we can throw in a plot twist and change everything. And the wonderful thing is that we don’t have to wait for morning, or Monday, or the first of the month, or even New Years Day. We can start right now, whether it’s 3:00 PM on a random Thursday or even 11:37 AM on a Sunday.

If you feel like you have gotten away from where you wanted to be and where your goals were taking you, jump out of that fast moving car. You don’t have to barrel through life in a direction you don’t want to go. Reassess your dreams and see exactly where you want to be going. Sometimes looking back through your hopes and goals is the best way you set you back on course towards success.

Just because something didn’t turn out like you had hoped, or something got in the way, or even if you just decide it’s not right, that doesn’t mean the rest is ruined. Throw in that change right now and see where you end up. Life is too short to allow the rest of anything to be ruined by a bad start. Start again at any point in time.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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