Day 285: Making Mistakes

We have all made mistakes in our lives. It is a simple realization that helps us understand that everyone is human, messing up is a very big part of living a normal human life. Which means we have all made mistakes, we are making mistakes, and we will make mistakes. There’s no getting rid of that and how comforting it is to know that we are not the only person on earth messing it up time and again.

Mistakes come in all shapes and sizes, some are as small as accidentally deleting an app on your phone and losing all of it’s data (the mistake I made that inspired this post) to something much larger that has more collateral damage. We have all been there and that is okay. To make a mistake to to act like a human being. Without mistakes we would never have the chance to learn and grow.

Whenever we come face to face the with consequences of our decisions, we have to understand that we cannot dwell on them for too long. What has been done is done, nothing you do or say or think will change what has already happened, no matter how much we want to change the outcome.

We must learn to be comfortable with the past, with what has happened and the fact that there isn’t anything we can do to change it. There are time when we just have to say “So that happened,” accept the lessons we learned, and move on to whatever life presents next. Dwelling on what happened will only create more intense feelings of sadness, disappointment, and discontentment with your current situation. Sometimes you just have to let go.

Life has a way of showing us areas we need to grow in, often in the form of bad choices and decisions that led to consequences we were not expecting. One must learn to be okay with the fact that not everything turns out the way we had hoped, and with every decision you make, the better you will become at making better choices. Life is all about learning from the past, while also letting it go.

Holding onto the past and our mistakes will never make you content with where you are today. It will keep you locked in place while all the new opportunities and chances rush past you. Learn as much as you can while constantly progressing forward, focus not even on the future, focus on the moment you are in right now, that’s the only one that matters. And the only choice that matters is the next one.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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