Day 279: Half Way

Creating art has always and will always be part of my life, but it has never been so prominent as it has been this year. In just six months I have created thirty-six images, the most I have ever created in such a short period of time. Some have been my absolute favorite and some not so much.

In 2018, I created fifty-five images completing my 52 week challenge plus a few extra images. This year I have already created 62% of what I did that year. In 2019, I created a measly twelve images and have surpassed that by a 200% increase. I am absolutely blown away by how many images I have had the opportunity to create.

During these six months, I have created some of my absolute favorite images of all time. In fact, most of the images I have created have been some of my absolute favorites. There have only been a select few that have been not all that great. Of the 36 images, I have not shared three. Two of those three were not shared because of their lack of story and conceptual intrigue. They were just too simple to truly make a splash.

The third image however, turned out better than I imagined. However, it was just too creepy to post I felt. In my photography I try to bring in a sense of beauty and hope. This image lacked that because I was trying to visually represent the theme of guilt. I’m sure you’ll be able to locate the image in this post and it will remain the only location for this image unless I decide otherwise later on.

Creating is about expressing the stories that you have inside of your heart. At least that is what it is like for me. This year I have been able to create more personal images than I think I ever have been able to. Before, I created based on theme. Now, I created based on the stories that present themselves to me throughout my day to day life.

Emotions are complex things and they can be expressed in the most beautiful visual format. They have layers and they have stories behind them. I have been able to translate my emotions into some of the images you see above. Because of that, they are incredibly emotionally charged and the viewer can feel that.

My hope with my photography is being able to create emotional connections with people that might not be able to express certain things in such a way. I want to create stories that people can see themselves in, while also documenting the things that I am going through and feeling in life.

These thirty-six images are just the beginning. They have helped me refine my technique, my visual style, and build a portfolio that I am proud of. They have strengthened my foundation and are ushering me towards my next creation. Each image has been a challenge, a blessing, and the most amazing part of this year.

If not for creating, there would be something missing from my life. Through fine art photography I have found a way to express my life in such a way that allows others to connect with it as well. I look forward to where the next six months will lead me as well as the rest of my life.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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