Day 275: Finding Home

Home is such a beautiful and personal place. Everyone has a different sense of where their home is, a building, a town, a feeling, or even a person. Home is a place where we feel safe and where we find comfort. It is a place we go to when we need rest and yet it can also at times be a place we desire to escape from.

It is our foundation and it is our confinement. There is so much more in the world that we want to explore, yet we will always find ourselves coming back to that place. Everyone has a different sense of what home is for them. Not everyone has the best memories of their time at home and some have the most incredible memories of the days spent in their home.

There are others who have had several different houses that have become home because a family filled them with their love. When it comes down to it, home can be interpreted in so many different ways because we all have different experiences. But the truth of the matter is that we all need a home, a place we know we are safe that is filled with love and comfort. It is a place we go in order to get away from the world.

A place where we can find the perfect amount of rest needed before going back out into the crazy world we live in. Home should be a place where we can venture out from. It is our base and a place we can always return to, no matter how far we roam.

We desire to escape to unknown parts of the world and yet we need a place we can return to when we are ready to rest our weary heads. If you have not been able to yet, find a place and make it a home. You will never truly know how amazing it feels to come back to a place knowing that it is your home. 

Where is your home and what makes it a home?

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

Comfort fills the heart with the warmth that is found within the recesses of the nest. Open space calls out with the promise of freedom, but there will always be a place to land and rest a while.

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