Day 274: Must Watch TV Shows

During this time in our lives it can be very easy to find ourselves spending a lot more time at home. Because we have all been at home more and seeking out entertainment in different forms, from books to TV show to movies to music, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite binge worthy TV shows that you can enjoy during quarantine.

  • Downton Abbey

This show goes without saying because it is by far one of the most amazing TV shows in history. The costumes, the character development, the story line. It is all flawless and incredibly captivating. All six seasons and the additional movie, provide amazing content for anyone looking for a historical drama that plays to your emotions. This is not a show to be missed and be sure to bring extra tissues and popcorn.

  • Leverage

This fun and lively TV show that is supposedly being renewed for a sixth season, will have you smiling and laughing along for each episode. No matter what you come for in the beginning you will definitely be staying around for the characters, from the first second to the last these five characters steal your heart. All about a band of thieves sticking up for the normal people who get run over by big corrupt organizations, you cannot stop rooting for them to win.

  • Victoria

Based on the life of the Queen Victoria, this historical TV show is absolutely stunning visually and has everything your heart desires. From romance to duels and beyond, you won’t be able to get enough of this warming show. All three seasons and a coming fourth have exactly what you need to make it through the day. It truly brings about a realness to the royals and the struggles of being a young Queen in an era filled with Kings.

  • Blue Bloods

In a time when police are not being seen as heroes, it is nice to see an accurate and realistic depiction of a family of police officers defending the law. With ten seasons and an eleventh coming soon, this show will be entertaining for a long time. You will be rooting for the good guys around the clock and anticipating what kind of bad guy they will have to face next. It is definitely worth watching in a time like today.

  • Anne With An E

Now this show might be my favorite out of them all. Based on the beloved classic, “Anne Of Green Gables” this story will captive your heart in seconds. Having been unjustly canceled after only three seasons, it is a shame to see such a wonderful story without equally great screen time. This show will leave you wanting much more and seeing the world with eyes filled with wonder. I truly believe everyone should watch it at least once if not more.

What TV shows have you been enjoying during this time?

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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