Day 270: Stepping Out

We are on the shore of our lives, looking out over the water and watching it flow by at a steady pace. Out ahead of us, just there on the horizon line, is all that we have ever dreamed about having. The dreams, the goals, the desire of our lives are waiting for us just beyond that water. They call to us, daring us to step out and test the surface to see if it is solid and if our footing is sure.

We are called out onto the waters of life and therefore deep inside we know we must take that chance of slipping into the depths, if it truly means chasing after the life we have always wanted. But fear rises to the surface and we keep our eyes trained on the water, on what might be below.

Fear will always be present in our lives, it is a daily occurrence and should in reality be reassuring. Feeling fear is a reminder that we are human and that we have a life to live for. If we have nothing to gain and nothing to lose, we would be without any sort of fear. But because we have a life with people and things in it that we love and care about there will always be fear when it comes to taking any sort of risk.

Life takes a large amount of courage in order to make it through. No step that we take will ever be without fear or doubt. We will question every step of our journey and wonder if it is truly wise to be taking the actions that we have been pursuing. Fear fills the water below us, keep our mind captive and our feet firmly planted on the shore.

We have to stand up for what we desire and take a chance on the life we want to live. Everyone have a vast amount of things to live for, we must run after those things with everything in us. However, there is a vast amount of water standing between us and where we want to be, fear makes it seem much deeper and scarier than it truly is.

Fear keeps our thoughts and attention on what is under us, not on what is ahead of us. Lift your chin and look towards the future. There on the horizon is everything you have ever wanted and in front of you is the path towards that life. All you have to do is decide whether or not you’re willing to step out onto the water.

Your courage to step forward will create a place to stand on the waters of life. Life is never without fear and courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is taking that step despite all the fear you are feeling. Where you are now is nowhere near where you could be, trust that your footing will be sure and take heart, your dreams are there on the horizon.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

Stillness hangs over the water, much like the fog that clings to the distant trees. A single step takes the dreamer closer to the horizon, closer to the unknown, and closer to a life lived with courage.

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