Day 269: Focusing On The Good

There are just some days that do not go quite like how you hoped they would go, this could be for a variety of reasons, but in the end we all have days like this. What happens at the end of those days though? Surely we shouldn’t allow ourselves to slip into sleep thinking of all the things that went wrong and all the little disappointments along the way.

The best thing someone can do on one of those disappointing days is to just list all the little good things. The blessings and the things you enjoy both those you’ve experienced that day or before. It could be a short list or a long one, compile it until it feels right to you and your spirits are lifted. Below is such a list that I compiled, a list of beautiful little things that help distract from any disappointments.

  • Foggy mornings over a body of water
  • Being able to see friends again
  • Racing into a store during the pouring rain
  • Reading a good book early in the morning
  • Having friends who support you no matter what
  • A hot cup of tea
  • Vintage outfits found at Goodwill
  • Collecting just about anything from notebooks to snow globes
  • The light on an overcast day
  • Hearing thunder rip across the sky
  • Warm smiles and how are you doing
  • Sleeping in a warm bed with extremely comfortable pillows
  • Being able to listen to any song you want to on Spotify
  • Finding a cute little book for one dollar
  • The smell of fresh ink as you write in a journal
  • Seeing clouds hang off mountains early in the morning
  • Did I mention a cup of hot tea?
  • The smell of rain soaked earth
  • Petting the very soft ears of a spoiled Dalmatian
  • Checking off your to dos on a long list
  • Scrolling through an personalized aesthetic board on Pinterest
  • Hanging out with family while watching Blue Bloods
  • Memories

What are some of the good things that have happened in your day that keep you distracted from any disappointments?

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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