Day 268: No Regrets

You know that action you are afraid of? The one that twists your stomach and keeps you from eating all day because the thought of doing that action completely terrifies you? Often that can be one of the most important actions you can take, it’s the one you know is right, but you are just too afraid to take that step.

There are just some things in life that terrify us. Actions that must be taken, but are uncomfortable and sometimes humiliating. For everyone these actions look different, it could be reaching out with the next big step in your business that will likely risk everything you’ve built so far or maybe it’s that phone call you know you have to make in order to restore a relationship.

These terrifying steps can come from a very diverse situations in life. Bringing yourself up, bringing yourself down, but the one thing that unifies them all is that fact that is is necessary. No matter how far you shove it, how hard you ignore it, deep down you know that whatever happens, you absolutely have to take that action.

It comes down to the point where we know it has to happen so deep down that our mind tries to come up with every single possible situation to get us out of it. We as humans, don’t want to participate in situations that are comfortable whether they are good or bad. We search for ways to escape and remove that uncomfortable circumstance from happening. Yet, it won’t be possible. That which has to happen, has to happen.

If it doesn’t, you’ll never forget it. Regret will plague you every step of the way, if not further. No one wants to regret things in life, except often we put of doing the necessary things and before we know it, it becomes too late. That opportunity passes or the chance for communication disappears. When you realize that has happened, nothing will stop the regret form flowing through you.

We have a very simple choice in life when it comes to these situations. We have the choice of going for it or walking away. As simple as that. We don’t know if that person will communicate with you, it’s quite possible they won’t want to talk at all. We have no idea if that big risk will work out for the business, it’s quite possible it will ruin everything.

But then there is the alternative. Living a life knowing you didn’t at least try, try as hard as you can no matter what the outcome. It’s far better to know the outcome rather than regret not knowing what it would have been. So we have the option between knowing and regret, going for it or walking away. There’s an obviously easy choice and then there’s one that takes courage. A lot of courage.

Courage is never going to be the absence of fear, it is rising despite the fear swirling around inside of you. Stand up, make the choice to go for it. No matter how disappointing or saddening the outcome is, it is better than a life lived with regret. And you never know, a lot of the time, the outcome is so much better than you pictured.

Do that which you know you must do, you’ll regret it if you don’t.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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