Day 267: The Flame Of A Dream

We all desire clarity in life, it is something we work for and strive after constantly. However, life has a way of stirring up the dust around our feet and layering in thick clouds of fog that block our vision. When this happens, nothing is certain, nothing is sure, and we stumble forward without knowing the direction we are going in or what obstacles lay right in front of us.

We try to do our best with what we have, but how long can we really expect to last or thrive, if we are constantly unsure of where our foot will fall? There will always be some amount of fog in our day to day experiences, we constantly live in a hazy shade of grey. That is part of life because we have no way of seeing into our future, it is simply not possible.

Because of this, we can end up panicking. While that is completely understandable and everyone has gone through periods of extreme panic in their lives, this panic can cause us to shove away any thoughts of our problems. Including trying to find solutions, which leads to even more panic. Putting off our future because we are unsure about the present is detrimental to everything we desire.

Planning, however, is a sure way to clear our panic because it provides clarity and direction. Without any destination, we will continue to wander endlessly in circles, not knowing that our path is going nowhere at all. And yet, even with all our plans and to do’s there will always be a thick fog in our lives.

But what do we do about the fog? It still clings to our lives and always will, but the best thing we can do is light a match. Light will always chase away the darkness and it will always provide clarity for the next step one has to take. A light, even the smallest light, can provide a wonderful amount of vision for the future.

Everyone has a different light in their lives. It is their source of drive and motivation. It is their passion that keeps them running after their dreams. The fire inside of us will be one of our only constant lights in life, but you first have to recognize what it is. What is the light inside of you? What does it have you reaching for and moving towards? It is there, pushing you always forward.

Our drive and our motivation will provide a small amount of clarify in even the most foggy forests of life. Think of your flame as a compass, as long as we have our eyes on what is burning inside of us, we will have a fire to guide us forward. While most of the time life can seem like a hazardous forest filled with thick fog, even the smallest flame of a dream can guide us forward.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

(burning red; glow red from heat)
Fog swirls in-between the thick trunks of trees and blots out the sun from the sky, plunging the world into haziness. Without a light it would be impossible to see the next step forward, but there inside burns an eternal flame.

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