Day 266: Success In Steps

Success is never an overnight experience, It is about hard work and most importantly the little steps along the way that build up towards your goals. There is never going to be a single step you take that leads to everything you have ever wanted. Success happens with every step you take towards your dream life.

Often when we start out towards something, we never quite understand how much work needs to be put in. Nothing is as easy as it seems and more often than not, everything is quite harder than it looks. However, before we get overwhelmed by the size of the dream, we have to look for the tiny steps.

When I started my 366 blog post challenge back in September of 2019, I didn’t quite understand the amount of commitment it would take. When we start something, we never fully understand what we are starting. Understanding comes with time and experience, you will never start something understanding everything there is to know about it. We must start as beginners without any prior knowledge, that’s what it takes to begin.

Over time you begin to see exactly what you’ve gotten yourself into. Some days it’s hard to get through what you need to get done. There have certainly been days where I did not want to write a blog post. Rolling into bed late at night, just about to fall asleep when I remember I haven’t written the days post yet. No one quite knows what steps to take in order to guarantee the most success, but you begin to understand.

Success will come over time. It takes endurance and determination to see it through to that point. Overnight successes have been building for years, whoever it is that success has been building stairs up to the worlds stage for years, we just didn’t see it yet. If you’re frustrated with yourself because you haven’t gotten to where you thought you would be, take a breath and step back.

Each step is a success because it moves you forward. Some days you will be taking the smallest steps while other days you will be taking strides. Each day is different and that’s okay, just keep going knowing that there might be 366 steps you have to take to reach success. At some point you’ll begin to see your progress and at that point you want to continue with an even greater determination.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

I seriously cannot believe I only have a hundred more blog posts to write before I reach the end of this challenge. While it seems like a lot, I know they’ll be over in a blink of an eye.

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