Day 262: A Life Of Wonder

Growing up is not a favorite part of life. Every day we get older and every day we learn new things, often becoming hardened or cynical. Life has a way of taking the stuffing out of most people from the very moment we arrive to the second we leave. As someone gets older, they begin to learn more about life which lends its hand to the process of growing up. How unfortunate it is to allow life to suck away our childlike wonder.

When we are born, we have absolutely no knowledge of the world around us or the kinds of situations we will face later in life. We are completely innocent and without any sort of cynicism towards life. How perfect the world was when we were young, that is until we began to learn about the way things are.

Slowly over time we became more and more exposed to what life is like on this earth. While that ranges from person to person and no two experiences are ever the same, people begin to change. We start to “grow” up or in other words lose our childlike innocence and wonder with how beautiful the world is. Because if you really think about it, you might begin to realize how beautiful life used to be and how hard and awful it seems to have become.

We all allow the world to shape us and shift us into adults who have no consideration for the fact that there isn’t a need to grow up on the inside. There should always be room for wonder in our hearts and in our lives. We should be able to see the world as beautiful and if we drift from being about to see it that way, there is always hope to finding our way back.

What has been done can never be completely undone, however, we can begin to open our hearts again to the wonders of life. Not everything is bleak and selfish and deserves our cynicism. There is always room for beautiful, wonder, and little bit of magic if we take the time to look for it. The world has so much to offer if we were to just look at it with eyes open to the possibilities of whatever might come.

There is beauty in life, and there is no need to grow up to the point where you no longer realize it.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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