Day 256: Into The Fog

Life is thick with fog, it swirls around all of us and creates a screen of mystery around the future and the past. The only moment in life that is without fog is the exact second we are experiencing, as soon as we move, the haze will close in around us again. There is never a moment in life when our path is clearly visible.

The further in the future we look, the thicker the fog becomes. We may be able to see a few steps ahead, but before long the fog rolls in right and obscures all view. Much to our surprise, the past becomes foggy as well. The more time we put between ourselves and the things that we have gone through, the hazier and less definite events becomes.

We become enveloped by fog without known exactly what has come before or what will come next. Our lives have to be lived moment by moment, there is no way to look into the future and see what is coming next. It simply does not work that way. No matter how hard we strive to see, the future will always remain mysterious.

Obstacles are right in front of us and we might not even see them yet. The same is true with opportunities, they are there in front of us, waiting, and we have absolutely no clue they are there. There could be anything waiting for us in the future and we would have zero clue as to what to expect.

Our paths in life are hardly ever clear and there is no way to plan for every variable. However, the best thing we can possibly do, is allow the past to guide us. We can do this by really taking in the lessons we have learned over the years, in order to provide clarity for the step we are about to take.

The past is our guide into the future, but the present . . . the present is the most important moment of all because what happens right now will determine the entire course of our journey. The present moment is the only time we have control over our actions which leads to the only control we have over our future. Being present in the here and now, is the only way to life life because it is the only moment we have control over. Even when we don’t control the external, we have control of our actions which makes all the difference.

While we look into the fog of the future, we can become uncertain of what we should do next. Yet, the next thing to do is simple, it is to take a step. And then another and another. We must dare to be brave and venture into the fog, into our future and towards our dreams. There will always be fog in life, the important thing is whether or not we run forward ready to face whatever lies ahead no matter what.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

(cloudy or foggy)
Treetops sway high above, hardly visible through the dense and obstructive fog. The path ahead hides within the bluish-grey murkiness and yet it calls and calls to the soul, drawing it forward and into the unknown.

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