Day 253: Five Ways To Pass Time On Trips

Everyone, every once in a while, loves a good, long road trip. There’s something about driving for hours across the country, watching cars pass by and seeing the world change before your very eyes. However, after some time it can get a bit boring just sitting there. Here are a few things to do in the car during the longer trips we embark on (as long as you’re not the driver!).

  • Bring your favorite journal

One of my favorite ways to pass the time during a long road trip is by writing in my current journal. While sometimes it can be bumpy and hard to read your writing later, the process of getting your thoughts down on paper while you’re currently thinking them is far more important. Try writing about situations you’re currently facing, where you’re going, hopes for the future, or what you’re seeing out the window. It’s a great time to lay it all down on paper and clear your mind.

  • Word association game

My family especially loves to do this game and it’s easy for everyone in the car. One person starts with a single word such as water or book or Paris and in a circle you spit out the next word that comes to mind. Someone might say pizza which could lead to Italy and then to love and someone could come up with red. The goal is to spit of the word, and sometimes phrase or name, as fast as possible with whatever comes to mind. It can be completely random which makes it all the more fun.

  • Put on your favorite playlist

Another one of my favorite ways to pass the time is by putting on my favorite playlist on Spotify, popping in my headphones and literally staring out the window. I am easily entertained by listening the the lyrics, imagining whatever I would like, and watching the world outside of the window. It is a beautiful way to watch the world and often pass quite a lot of time.

  • License plate scavenger hunt

Another fun game to play in the car is trying to find as many states represented in license plates. Pop open a notebook and document all the different states you see driving past you. Keep a tally score next to states if your see more than one and try and get the most, extra points if you’re playing against someone or if you find plates from Canada. This is a fun way to keep your eyes active as you sit still for so long.

  • Take as many naps as possible

Probably the one I use the most, because let’s be honest there’s only so much you can do in the car. Bring your favorite pillow with you and often a thin blanket in case you get chilly. Get as comfy as possible and close your eyes. You might be surprised at how much sleep you get or how little sleep you get.

What are some ways you pass the time during long road trips? I would love to hear in the comment section!

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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