Day 252: May Recap

Another month, another recap much like the last one. Due to the ongoing pandemic that has closed down much of the world, May was not filled with many activities other than photoshoots. It was a slow month filled with long days that were both productive and lazy. All in all it was another month filled away under stayed at home.

The beginning of the month happened much like all of April. I didn’t not leave the house often, I did many photoshoots, and attended several zoom ballet classes. There were days when I really enjoyed staying at home, and there were days when I just wanted to go out and do something. But overall throughout the month, I began to get a sense of the world beginning to open up again.

It began very slow, but towards the end of the month things had finally began to go back to the way they were. And that’s very slow. I’ve started going to church in the physical building again and have had the wonderful opportunity to meeting up with friends. There is hope in the fact that the world will not remain this way forever, things will begin to return to normal. My question is, how will the normal be altered after all of this?

After seventy days in quarantine, I finally got out and about and it was a wonderful reprieve. There’s nothing quite like seeing friends again after such a long time without seeing anyone. From now on, I will never take for granted the relationships I have with people. They are incredibly important to me and I hope I never forget that as I progress into the future.

One of the most unproductive times during this month, but some of my favorite times, was when I binge watched the tv show “Anne With An E.” It took me four days to make it through all twenty-seven episodes, which is both impressive and scary. What a truly incredible show it was. Everything about it was so beautiful and inspiring, I never wanted it to end, but I also desperately wanted to watch it all.

No other tv show and few movies have ever captivated me the way “Anne With An E” did. The characters, the storyline, the details, and the colors, it was all so amazing. Not to sound dramatic, but I truly believe it changed my life. Watching it makes you realize just how important it is to look at the world as if it is filled with magic, because it is if you look for it. It’s an amazing reminder to love the life you live and allow yourself to experience all the emotions to the full extent of their depth. If you have not seen it yet, please, please do. It will change everything.

All in all May was a slow and not overly unique month. Because of the coronavirus, my spring dance performance was canceled which would have taken up the last two weeks completely. It’s crazy to see all the events and conferences canceled because of this virus, I cannot wait to get back to normal so we can finally attended events and see people.

Biggest Lesson Learned: You have to make the most of all the dull moments in life.
Favorite Moment: Watching “Anne With An E” straight through with hardly any breaks.  
Summed Up In One Word: Slow.  

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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