Day 251: Most Important Days

There are days that need to be taken one at a time, without the presence of documentation on such platforms as a blog or social media. Life is to be lived fully no matter what kind of emotions and circumstances come up. And there are simply days the need to be taken on surface value without interference.

That was exactly how the last few days have gone for me and I must say my family. Without going into the specifics I hope you understand I had to take a few days off from my blog post challenge to face the days as they came. We are all living a complex and challenging life. We set goals and accomplish things like nobody’s business, but days come that are different.

We’ve all experienced days that break from routine and bring about unexpected situations. Such days need to be honored as they come to you and often taken without the interference of long term goals or social media documentation. And that’s okay. Breaks can be taken without breaking your promises both to yourself and to others.

I made the promise to myself to write 366 blog posts and while I’ve missed a few days, I have promises to catch up no matter what. But there are simply days that must be taken. They must be felt and experienced, lived without the interference of outsides pressures. They have to remain separate from our routines and our desire to share with the world.

Some days must be taken for ourselves and they must be treated with respect because they are often the most important days of our lives.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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