Day 248: Tiny Specks Of Light

There are times when life can look a little bit bleak. It has certainly look quite bleak in the last few months as we’ve faced unexpected circumstances and unbelievably high tension. When such times find us in life, it can be really hard to see any light or the hope. However, when life gets dark, we must find our own candles.

When it feels like your skies are clouding over and the nights are growing longer and longer, it can be really hard to see any light of any kind. We get desperate for a faintest glimmer, but soon fall into despair when things refuse to go our way. When night is the darkest, we need to see dawn the most, but it hardly ever comes exactly when we wish it did.

There will always be circumstances, experiences, etc. that are unmistakably bleak and dark. They suck in our soul and fill us with confusion and fear. Questions like “when will this all be over?” fill our minds constantly, seemingly driving us mad. The darkness is so thick when we are in the midst of it all and this is exactly when we desperately need to search for light.

There will always be rays of light in even the darkest of places. When we are surrounded by the unimaginable, by the evil, by anything that causes sorrow, we need to search for that light. It may be the very last thing we desire to do, but sometimes it will be the only thing that will get us through difficult periods of life. When there is darkness, hope and light have the power to keep one strong enough to face whatever is in store for them.

When the darkness creeps in, one must fortify their hearts and turn their attention to the smallest of things. It can be incredibly hard to find that light in situations bigger than ourselves. It is best if one sticks to the smallest forms of light such as making wishes on dandelions, writing in a journal, hearing a bird sing outside a window, or a glorious sunset.

The point of looking for light is not to diminish the depth of the darkness, it is simply to provide a brief breath of fresh air that will be able to clear the bleak situation away for just a moment. Never underestimate the power of light in the smallest of places, it is there if you are willing to look and it will help you get through whatever you are facing.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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