Day 247: Facing Our Cliffs

Life is filled with a series of cliffs we have to face. Everyone will face different cliffs, sometimes multiple cliffs, it is a part of life we must all learn to live with. When we are on one of these said cliffs and are looking out over the beauty that is blow us, we can be filled with an incredible amount of fear. The valley is thousands of feet below and there’s nothing to stop us from falling.

These cliffs in our lives need special consideration because they are the next step we have to take in order to reach our dreams. Every dream, goal, and aspiration takes a huge amount of courage to pursue. They are scary complicated things that call us to become a higher version of ourselves, which is exactly why they present us with a cliff.

We may not have experience in the area our dream calls us to or we may not fully know what steps must be taken in order to further our journey, which leads to the fear when facing a cliff. It becomes a point of no return, where we are faced with a decision that can alter our lives significantly. We can either walk away from the edge, returning to the life we already live, or jump to see where our dreams will take us.

Like wings built out of feathers, our dreams have the ability to carry us to new heights and across valleys. And still we become filled with fear when facing the sheer possibility of everything that comes with chasing a dream. Dreams are part of us and motivate us forward, without them our lives would be so incredibly boring. But because of them we have to face many hard decisions.

We see the edge of the cliff and all we can think about is what happens if our wings don’t work. It’s easy to imagine all the possibilities that can happen if they do work when we are journeying towards that cliff. However, once we are standing there, looking out over it all, the only thing we can think about is the negative aspects.

This fear keeps us safely on the cliff, staring out over the horizon and seeing all the opportunities, but never flying towards them. Fear is the biggest dream killer because it convinces us that we would be better and wiser to live as we have already been living. However, life is not about living it safely.

Life is an adventure waiting for you and that next step comes when you jump after your dreams and see where they will take you. Courage is not the absence of fear, courage is when we don’t allow our fears to control our lives. It’s taking a chance on a dream and risking something for the life we’ve always wanted to live.

This cliff that you are facing which overlooks your future is your point of no return. Jumping will lead to the pursuit of your dream life and so many unknown adventures. Your dreams are in the distance, calling to you. Life is not about living it overlooking the possibilities. Life is about seeing where you will end up when we take the chance and run after those very possibilities.

Where will your wings take you?

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

“L’appel du Vide”
(The Call Of The Void)
Wind races up through the valley and across the face of the mountain, bringing with it the sweet smell of freedom. All that is left is to trust and see if these wings are strong enough to fly into the adventures that await.

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