Day 244: Dreaming With Fear

Dreams are completely and utterly terrifying. If you’re not scared to death over the idea of the dream you feel is on your heart, it is not big enough. If you are truly dreaming big enough and if you are truly thinking about the dream that’s on your heart, there should be a rather large dose of fear pumping through your veins.

We are all chasing after something. For each one of us, there is something stirring in your heart calling to you and driving you crazy. Most people call this thing a dream. There inside of you, tucked into the recesses of your heart is a glowing spark of passion for something that is currently out of your reach.

What’s burning inside of your heart? What dream is it that cannot be smothered no matter how much time goes on or how hard you try to push it down? There is something there, we are called to do great things. They may not look great an mighty to another person, but to us they are the world. We must dedicate our lives to seeking out this dream and chasing after it.

However, there is so much fear. There will always, always be an incredible amount of fear associated with the dream you are wanting to chase. It is calling us to be a higher version of ourselves and to go after thing we could fail at, therefore, there is a great mixture of fear stirring inside of us when we face our dreams.

I’m here to tell you that having fear is great. If you are chasing after a dream and there is no fear, you’re in big trouble. A dream calls you to be more than you are, to rise to the occasion and get out of your comfort zones. If you feel safe while pursuing a dream, you may only be chasing a watered down version of the real thing because as humans we dislike venturing outside of our comfort zones.

Dream have two fears associated with them. There is the fear of failure, not being able to accomplish and feeling like you failed not only yourself, but those around you. And then there is the fear of giving up, not being able to live with yourself because you did not go after that dream with everything you had in you. Which fear are you going to allow to dictate your actions?

Living with a dream means there will be fear, but the type of fear you allow to triumph will determine your next step. The fear of failure will always lead you to failure because it will lead you to the point of giving up on everything because you are afraid of what could happen. The fear of giving up will always lead you to success because it will lead you to the point of going after your dream no matter what because you are afraid of what will happen if you don’t.

So let me ask you again, which fear are you going to lean on while pursuing your dream?

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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