Day 242: That Which Is Torn

That which is torn or broken, does not have to remain that way forever. We have all gone through several circumstances that leave us worse for wear and wishing we never had to face such times in our lives. These circumstances will leave us battered and torn, often times with holes in the very fabric of who we are.

Many things can leave us feeling this way and it will happen many, many times in our lives. The skin on our back shudders from the amount of pressure the weight of the worlds puts onto our shoulders until it cannot hold it any longer. We all have a breaking point and life has the power to find it again and again and again.

We break over and over, crumbling until there is a gaping hole where our strength used to be found. There is no way to avoid being broken down and torn open. Pain will come, we will face it, and we will rise again the next day. Even if it’s only to do it all over again. But one must realize that our breaking point, when we are torn open, when the pain feels like far too much to handle, is a foundation.

This foundation is one of the most amazing opportunities to build from the bottom up, to completely change the structure and outcome of the building – us. Sometimes the only way to build a stronger foundation and a stronger building, it to simply tear it down and start all over. The same is true when it comes to a living, breathing human being like ourselves.

When we are torn apart we are given a clean foundation to build ourselves on. There’s nothing else quite like it, when we are broken we are given the chance to completely strip everything back and rebuild at the very core of who we are. The growth and transformation can come from the depths of our soul. A complete regrowth from the center outwards.

What is torn can be the foundation for growth. The cracks in our armor and in our hearts allow light into the parts of ourselves that may not see the sun very often. This leads to an unprecedented chance to grow the most beautiful and flourishing garden. We cannot protect ourselves from breaking, the best thing we can do it make the best of a terrible situation and see where it will take us.

When we reach our breaking points, we have a decision to allow ourselves to shatter or to take the pieces and create a foundation for an even better version of ourselves. When the pain and the cracks appear it may not be easy to recognize the opportunity we have before us, but the flowers will grow best from soil that is only found at the core of who we are. That which is torn gives way to the very flowers of growth. 

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

Light spills across the room, illuminating that which has been torn open. Shining down into the rich foundations of growth, gives flowers the strength to burst forth from the depths of pain and brokenness.

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