Day 231: Not According To Plan

One thing I don’t really understand is how sometimes there are just no words that come to mind. You sit down ready to write a blog post, you’ve failed to come up with a theme ahead of time, and therefore you’re staring at a blank page wondering what on earth am I going to spill over this page?

Most of the time when this happen, you don’t get an option in how easily the words come. You’re stuck staring at the page trying to spill the “ink” over the page when it reality it feels like pushing a full sized automobile across an impossibility busy intersection. Unfortunately, this happen to me quite a bit. It happened tonight, which is why I am writing this completely unprepared and possibility nonsensical blog post.

To be honest, I don’t know where this post is going, but knowing myself, I know that in the end I will be able to pull some sort of meaning from behind these random words. Don’t believe me? Stick around and find out, maybe this flow of conscience writing will end up having a point after all.

Not everything in life is planned, in fact hardly anything in life is really truly planned. We set goals, we have intentions, and we walk toward those things. And yet more often than not, life gets in the way. No plan is ever executed perfectly, it just doesn’t happen that way because that is life. All your plans and goals have the possibility of coming true just as much as they have the possibility of not coming true.

We all have these dreams, wishes, and hopes we keep in sight at all times trying to guide our lives towards those horizons. They are ahead of us and we plan our journey closer, hoping with every fiber of our being that things will go according to plan. Well newsflash, nothing ever does. Our plans are feeble at best and when it seems like things are going our ways, just you wait.

However, that’s not all. If it was, man life would be depressing watching all your goals and plans not quite come out perfectly. There is hope in the fact that nothing is perfect and in those imperfections, you can find boundless opportunities just waiting for you to discover them. Ever altered goal and road block has a way of adjusting your perspective and helping you look at life from a different angle.

Next time you’re plans are shifted and you find yourself facing either a imperfect plan or a completely different path, look around for the opportunities and the chances you might be missing. Such as a blog post about looking for opportunities coming from a situation where no words were coming to mind. Or maybe something a bit different from that, but it does seem I was able to turn this post around!

What opportunities will you find the next time your plan doesn’t go quite according to the way you had thought it would?

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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