Day 228: Success Through Failure

You read a lot of quotes on the internet, they’re everywhere and it’s frankly quite hard to avoid them. But sometimes, just sometimes, you come across one of those motivational quotes that just really hits close to home at just the right time. That happened today and I wanted to take a moment to share it with you.

The quote went a little bit like this:

Here’s the rule:

The person who fails the most will win.

Because in order to keep failing, you gotta be good enough to keep playing.

– Seth Godin

This quote is so completely true because in most cases when people fail they tend to give up. No one likes feeling like a failure and like they cannot quite reach the success they dream of. And so we give us and that is when we truly fail. We do not fail when we are knocked down, we fail when we give up the pursuit of our dreams. That’s what true failure looks like.

True success looks like failing over and over and over and getting up just one more time again and again. Success looks like not giving up when everything around you seems to be working against you. The greatest success principle is learning from your failures and using them as stepping stones to push you towards your goals.

So I would like this quote to be motivation for you as you run after your goals. There will be days when it doesn’t feel worth it and there will be times when you think the failures out weigh the successes. It is during those times you must remember success is standing up just one more time for however long it takes to get you to your dreams.

Keep going, your failures are your true success because it means you’re on the path towards your dreams.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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