Day 227: Fires Of Transformation

Within our lives we have the ultimate decision of who we will end up becoming. If we desire growth and change, the power lies in our hands, but only if we believe it does. Change is possible, but the first step in go through a change is believing that it will be possible. If we don’t believe we can change we’ll never be able to.

The people who do not believe people have the ability to change form roots that tie them to the ground and into their very narrow way of thinking. Life will naturally change us and for those who do not believe in being able to change, they will be at the mercy of the situations they face instead of being able to take charge of the outcome.

We have the power to control our outcome in relation to all the things we have to go through. There are many things we will have to face in life, but there is still hope. Because we are not the things we have faced, we are who we choose to become despite those circumstances. Every situation will attempt to change us and it is up to us to determine how it will do that.

The moment we accept that people can change if they truly dedicate themselves to the process and the struggles that come with it, is the moment we take control of who we become. Our outcome is determined by our decisions and the directions we walk in. But we must understand that sometimes the only way to begin the transformation of who we currently are into who we desire to be, starts with destruction.

All of us have gone through many transformations in life, that’s how living goes. We have gone through more than one transformation that has built us up into a more complete version of ourselves. And unfortunately, we have all gone through more than one transformation that has led us in a direction we do not truly wish to travel in.

Hurtful and dark circumstances in life can lead to these transformations where we begin to feel less like ourselves and more like a false identity. We build walls around who we are for protection because we fear other situations we might face that will be painful. The longer we live with these negative transformations, the more we begin to accept them as part of ourselves.

The only way around the walls we have built up is by burning them away to get at what truly lies within our hearts. Everyone has core values, beliefs, and dreams that make up the center of who we are and allow us to be unique from everyone else. But time and circumstances allow us to build walls around the core making of who we are, blocking the real us from showing.

Deep down we all desire to be ourselves and even though showing off our real hearts can lead to pain, it will also lead to the fullest version of our lives possible. Transformation comes when you take the very foundation of who you are and present it to the world without pretense. It requires the destruction of your false identities, the walls must come down with the fire of transformation.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

(Glow; weak, diffuse, or abrupt, ephemeral light. Sudden, faint or transient illumination.)
Color explodes throughout the sky and flowers reach up from the ground, straining towards the clouds above. Heat spreads with the flames, devouring every blossom not with destruction but with a touch of transformation.

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