Day 225: Out Of Nothing

Creativity is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Everyone has the ability to be creative and everyone who has the ability to be creative has the ability to paint their world with vibrant stories and meaning. A general misconception is that creativity is reserved for a select few and some people are simply not creative. How sad it is to know a little lie can so heavily affect people.

It is truly devastating to think some people traverse their entire lives without believing they have the ability to express themselves creatively. They are robbed of a beautiful outlet that can be used in many different ways. How we choose to portray the creativity we have is completely up to us and has no set avenue we must walk down in order to possess such an a skill.

This ability can be defined as follows: “Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed. The created item may be intangible or a physical object.” That means creativity does not have to be expressed artistically as is generally preconceived. Both intangible and physical objects can come about in a creative way and we have the ability to do just that.

Creativity does not only look like painting, drawing, or other forms of art. It’s sad to see people who may not like the arts see themselves as someone who is not creative when it’s simply not true. No matter who you are, you have the ability to be creative in your own unique way. Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes which we must try on for ourselves in order to discover the perfect fit.

Even if you’re not an artistic person, there is still creativity in your veins. It can show up in the form of solving problems, designing buildings, cooking a meal, etc. The world is filled with endless areas in which you can be creative. Artists are given the title artistic, because people have come to associate art with creativity. But that’s not all creativity is. It’s so much more.

There is no certain amount of people in the world blessed with the ability to be creative. Some people have been blessed with the ability to express their creativity naturally, others have worked long and hard at developing that skill, and still some have yet to discover it inside of themselves. It’s there within us all. Waiting.

Creativity is a lot like a muscle. It needs to be developed and used in order to make it stronger. The only way to see it grow is putting in the long, hard hours at the gym where you pump heavy weights in order to make more progress. The more you use your creativity, the more you will have of it. It may take time and practice, but as long as you tell yourself you are a creative person you are on your way to showing it to the world.

And what a wonderful thing to do. Transforming nothing into something vibrant and meaningful, before sending it out into the world. Your creativity has the power to really impact people and make a difference. It has power beyond imagined and you may never understand the true impact, it is out there happening all because you decided to do something with your creativity. So answer me this, how will you be using your creativity?

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

“Ex Nihilo”
(Out Of Nothing) 
Brush strokes cover the world as it is built up further and further by the imaginative expressions of self. Clouds roll thick overhead and within a somber field, the world begins to take shape.  

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