Day 222: Staying Committed

I would like this blog post to be a reminder for everyone out there who has committed to something. It might be a project, a goal, even a relationship, whatever it is you’ve committed to I hope this short and simple post is both encouraging and uplifting for you.

Commitment is hard. It can be so worth it, but there is no denying the fact that it can be very difficult to stay committed to anything. Roadblocks come up, circumstances change, you simply give up, etc. No matter the size of what you’ve committed to, it can be very hard to keep going.

There will be nights that are super hard and there will be days when it comes naturally. But I want to remind you that’s it’s worth it. If you’ve committed to something, there was a reason in the first place as to why. You committed for a reason and if you’re feeling remorse for your decision or facing a difficult position, remind yourself of this reason. Why did you commit in the first place and how have your strayed from that reason?

We commit to something because it means something to us. Because what we’ve committed to will likely lead us to being better people. That’s the nature of commitment, it’s about growth and sacrifice. You must sacrifice many things to stay truly committed and if that commitment means something to you, you’ll gladly make the sacrifice. But there are times when you don’t want to. In those cases remember the reason, remember why it means something to you. Think of where you will end up. Commitment takes you to new places, to higher levels of living.

When you’re feeling your commitments slipping, remember that you are the person you make the commitment to the most. You made the decision and letting it slip will almost indefinitely lead to deep disappointment in yourself. So keep going, there will be hard nights and there will be days when you want to give up. But remember anything worth having is worth sacrificing something for. Stay committed to what truly matters.

Until Next Time,

Lillian Merritt

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