Day 220: Facing Our Ocean

There will always be rough seas that we must navigate in our lives, the waves will roll dark and the fog will hang thick over the water. Everyone faces these periods of time, it is unavoidable. For every person they look different and for every person that last for different times. But they are rough seas nonetheless.

During those times we will no doubt face fear, uncertainty, confusion, and dread over what the future will hold. The waters will rise unexpectedly and leave us wondering why. Facing an entire ocean by what appears to be just yourself is a daunting and draining task, leaving you feeling as if there just wasn’t any hope.

You know there must be land on the other side of this endless ocean, but the waves just continue to roll on and on for forever. There is another side and you have to reach it, but how? The impossibility of facing such a bleak and devastating task can seem quite impossible.

The ocean can be so very intimidating, it swells and attempts to swallow you whole. And if it cannot swallow you, it will do it’s best to swallow your spirit and with it your hope. For without a resilient spirit and a firm grasp on hope, you would easily be swallowed my any size of wave that washed your way. We all would be. But it is our spirit and our hope that keeps us floating in the midst of the strongest storms. Have you ever faced a rough sea in your life? Might you be facing one right now?

Everyone has a different timeline for their lives and everyone will face a different kind of sea. But there is hope in that which we face. While the ocean may stretch far beyond the horizon and you just don’t think you can make it any further than you’ve come, hold onto the hope that the land will soon come into sight.

Find ways to bring comfort into your life. The roughest of seas have their spots of quiet where the waves are not quite as harsh. Look for the ways to find those spots and hold onto them. Try to find a comfort in the midst of uncertainty. It will be there if you look, the waves may seem tremendous and yet even the smallest glimpse of blue skies or land will lift you above it all. Look for the hope, it will be there.

The waves roll high, buy you must keep your heart higher. If the sea you are facing manages to drown your spirit under the dark waves, the battle is won and there will be no recovering from the loses. But even if it attempts to drown you, when you have a spirit that has been strengthened and forged by the iron hand of hope you will not sink into the depths.

There is power in holding out for the land, it will be there at the end of the strong keep looking for it. There is power in being able to see the beauty in every situation, keeping your heart light helps you keep afloat when everything else is pushing you down. There is life to be found even on the roughest seas.

It may seem as if the sea goes on forever and the clouds are still as thick as they were yesterday. But even the strongest storms eventually run out of momentum and come to an end. The important thing to think about is where you will be at the end of the storm. Will you be climbing out of the sea after surviving the waves with a spirit souring through the newly blue skies? Or will you have allowed you spirit to drown amongst the darkest waves? There is hope, hold on to it.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

The depths call and pull on ones very spirit while the waves roll thick and dark along the surface. The very sounds of life are muffled by the dense fog that captivates all who gaze out at it. The sea is as beautiful as it is intimidating.

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