Day 219: April Recap

April, April, April. What a very strange and interesting month. Last month we began to see the effects of the Coronavirus taking hold and moving everyone out of their jobs and into their homes. This month has been a complete an utter continuation of that social distancing. We’re sitting in the middle of history, watching it unfold before our very eyes.

April has indeed been a very interesting month. Besides the photoshoots I went on, I do believe I left the house twice over the course of thirty days. I have spent nearly all day, every day within the confines of my home with my mom, dad, sister, and spoiled Dalmatian dog. And I know it’s incredibly taboo to say this and many people would frown upon these sentence, but I have loved every minute of it.

Now before anyone jump down my throat let me explain myself. I desperately wish this virus had never come about at all and I understand that it has impacted thousands of people in negative ways. The economy needs to reopen and it is time for the world to go back to running full speed. But that does not mean I haven’t enjoyed every second of this terrible quarantine.

I’ve been able to live my life how I’ve always wanted. Spending time creating almost 24/7, being able to finish reading over eight book within two months, having great quality time with my family and even binge watching a few tv shows. I am an introvert and a homebody who loves to be in her own little world finding the joy of isolation. Even so I do admit I would love to see my friends again and I miss them all terribly.

There’s something so freeing about knowing all you have to do is stay home and fill your days with anything and everything. Time has become so surreal and fluid, almost like it doesn’t exist. I’ve spent hours sitting in my truck bed reading. I’ve created some of my favorite pieces of art ever. And I’ve knocked so many things off my to do list. It has truly been fantastic.

But I know it will not last forever and while this is by far my ideal style of life, America desperately needs to reopen. It’s not about what I want, it’s about what this country needs and she is ready to be running at full speed again. Which leads me to my next observation of April.

I can feel the end of quarantine coming. It’s dragged on for a long time, for me quarantine started March 15th which makes today day number 47 of social distancing. And I’m left wondering if I did enough with this opportunity. That’s a question that has been haunting me for a week maybe a little longer. Have I done enough with the time I was given? Or did I waste it?

That question hasn’t been figured out quite yet, but I’m looking into it hard and trying to figure out ways that could make this next week or weeks as productive and beneficial as I can. What will you be doing with the rest of your quarantine?

Biggest Lesson Learned: The time we are given is a blessing, it’s up to us to determine how well we spend it.
Favorite Moment: Sitting in the bed of my pickup truck watching an incredible sunset with a great book in my hand.
Summed Up In One Word: Time.  

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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