Day 218: Our Reflections

Reflections are such questionable things. They can reveal many, many thing about a person and yet whoever it is reflecting gets slightly distorted in translation from object to mirror from mirror to viewer. Mirrors, and in turn reflections, strip people of anything valuable and focus strictly on the surface.

When mirrors come into play, it becomes more about the beauty of a face than the beauty of a soul. People are more than their physical features have to offer, people are much more than surface deep. That which is waiting to be discovered underneath the surface becomes neglected because so much attention is placed on the physique. It is incredibly unfortunate, but sadly how the world seems to work.

How unfortunate it is that we want to reflect ourselves into the world so badly and be accepted for who we are, but instead we are accepted or rejected simply by how appealing our reflection is. We hold up our mirrors for the world to see and our beautiful reflections are projected out into the world.

That is, our reflections are projected into the world until they slowly start to drift. Criticism against our physical form begin to sink in and each commit move our mirror another inch. We begin to drift so much our reflection is no longer our us or who we are on the inside. Our reflection becomes who we wished we were in order to please the world.

No longer are we focused on the condition of what we look like inside, the place where true beauty comes from. Beauty that cannot be confined or described by the world. We suddenly become obsessed with the projection of ourselves that we put out into the world. We critique it’s appearance and shift it around until we find something suitable that the world will gladly accept.

We lose sight of who we were to begin with, it no longer matter who is behind the mirror. It’s no longer about the person who’s holding the mirror trying so hard to be accepted, no for who they are, but for who they want you to think they are. It becomes all about how appealing we can make our new reflection.

How stifling and tragic it is to become so entrapped by the idea that you’re not good enough for the world. We see it so often all around us, reflections of who a person is and we accept it as who they are when in reality we have no idea what that person is really like. We’re all guilty of promoting a false version of ourselves in order to be liked. It’s acceptable to do such a thing and so we do.

It’s time to put down the mirror, though. It’s time to step away from this fake reflection and reclaim who you are. Your reflection will never be able to show your soul to the world and therefore will only ever project your appearance. Wanting to be accepted for who you are requires courage because it evolves putting down the mirror and allowing yourself to project who you are.

It can be terrifying the allow the world to see you as you are without the ability to hide behind a mirror. Being vulnerable, however, is much more beautiful than being accepted by the world. There is no need to be accepted by the world, especially on such an artificial and surface level.

The important thing is that you are focused more on the condition of your soul than the condition of your physical appearance. Your soul is craving for release and to be seen, go ahead and set down the mirror so it can be free. Have you been reflecting a version of yourself that’s simply not realistic in order to please the world? If so, in what ways can you begin to lower the mirror in order to show your soul?

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what identity did I find at fault? Mirror, mirror here right now, people should know me by now. Mirror, mirror in my hand, break the reflection so all may understand.

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