Day 214: Four Tips For Productivity

Productivity is something everyone can grab onto and hone into an incredible skill. Instead of allowing yourself to flow through days moment by moment, not know whether or not anything will be accomplished, you can intentionally set out to make a day all it can be. Here are a few ways you can be more productive in your own life.

  • Know what you’re striving after.

Every productive day starts with a goal. If you do not know what you’re striving after, you’ll never understand what you should be doing. There needs to be a direction in front of you that you can be confident walking towards. If you’re working on a project, furthering your career, creating a piece of art, or simply cleaning your house, you have to know what you want to accomplish. There will always be certain steps you have to take in order to advance in any direction you want to go towards. If you’re uncertain of what step to take next, revisit your original goal or set a new goal. Only when you have a destination firmly in mind will you be able to be productive in your actions.

  • Plan your day ahead of time.

Never start the day without a plan. Whenever I feel a little be out of control in my life, it is generally because I didn’t create a to do list or set intentions the previous night. It is so important to write down or type up what you’re looking to accomplish on a certain day, before you reach that morning. Waking up without a plan and with the task of writing a to do list is always daunting. No one wants to wake up and try to think through all of the thing you have to get done. Instead take some time before you go to bed to write out a list of everything that has to happen the next day. This can include events, meetings, simple tasks, and a reminder of the direction you want to be going. Always plan your day ahead of time that way you’ll never be lost wondering what to do.

  • Put distractions away intentionally.

We all get distracted very easily. It comes in many different shapes and sizes and can be hard to overcome. If you realize where your biggest distractions come from, intentionally put them away. Make it harder to get to them so that you’re no constantly interrupting your important work to do whatever it is you instinctively reach for. You might be surprised at how quickly you can accomplish a task when there are no distractions surrounding you and you might be incredibly surprised at how productive your day can be if you put a pair of blinders on. If you know what distracts you the most, block yourself from being able to access it easily. We’re naturally lazy people, use that to your advantage. If you’re phone is your biggest distraction, put it on silent across the room. You’re less likely to check it if you have to physically stand up and walk over to it. Restricting your distractions in one of the most important parts of being productive.

  • Give yourself the flexibility to adjust.

Even the best laid plans fall apart and that’s okay. Sometimes we totally rock our days and we get everything done on our to do list. However, there will always be a few days in our months that go totally awry. Don’t try to fight it when things get out of control and happen not according to your plan. Give yourself room to be flexible and give yourself the leeway to experience rocky roads without getting grumpy. Life happens, move on around it and keep going. If you have a direction you know you want to walk towards, you’ll be able to quickly adjust around setbacks and obstacles. Without direction, every inconvenience will rock your world and tip you over the edge. Whereas with a goal, every inconvenience is like a little rock bouncing off the side of your car. Look for opportunities and chances you hadn’t noticed when you face road blocks.

With these simple and practical tips you can increase your productivity well beyond what it is now. Never forget the power of being able to stay focused with a destination in mind, that’s how you’ll be able to see your dreams take shape. Let me know in the comments below how you find ways to stay productive.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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