Day 206: Your Potential

We have so much potential inside of us to literally be anything and everything we ever wanted to be. The only thing we have to do is continue showing up as that very person in order to grow into our expectations and the shoes we desire to fill. All of us have ideas of who we want, I’m here to tell you that is exactly who you can be.

There is a version of ourself we have yet to become. Just like there was a version of ourself we stepped out of in order to become who we are now. Sometimes we love the person we are and other times we’re not quite so proud. Looking back on your life can be like looking back on a whole cast of characters so different from each other they couldn’t possibly be the same person.

But that’s how it works. We shed our skin and become a new version. Some number followed by a .0, we’ve advanced well past version 2.0 and 5.0. Who knows what version we’re on, it can be hard to tell where one version ends and another begins, the shift can be so gradual. But we change and we grow and we become a new person.

And we can choose who we become. We can set about growing in a way that leads us to a new version filled with our potential. There are so many things we can be and do, all we have to do it put our minds to it in order to be able to accomplish all that we desire. Make sure the next version of yourself that you become is the person you want to be. Strive after your potential, you’ll be able to get there.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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