Day 202: Rediscovering

The world has slowed so you can rediscover yourself. Everything about normal life has slowed in one way or another. Nothing is quite as it used to be and while it will soon return to normal, there’s a touch of magic currently hanging in the air. The world has slowed down so that we can rediscover who we really truly are. That is one of the greatest statements concerning the situation we find ourselves in.

We are indeed living in a very unusual time when everything seems a little slower, times seems a bit harder to define, and the air around us hangs heavy with a surreal feeling. This is not how the world feels normally and it will not be how the world feels forever, but while it does we have been given a beautiful chance.

In the slowing down of the world, we are given the chance to rediscover ourselves. To see who we truly are on the inside of it all. It can be so hard to keep a good grasp on who we are during normal life because the world just spins on past us, often leaving us in the dust. Our days are filled with chasing after one thing and then another. But not now.

Now we have nothing but time. Time to look inside and do a little searching. Do not be afraid of the isolation that you are experiencing, it can be a gift if you let it. This is the time to spend hours in thoughtful introspection while admiring nature, listening to podcast, getting creative, and reading inspiring books.

During this time the air is filled with a sparkle of magic that can be found if you look for it. If you’ve lost contact with who you are take this time as an opportunity to rediscover everything that make you you. That is the greatest investment you can make during this time.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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