Day 200: Losing An Item

I’ve learned a lot of things in life, not compared to some that’s for sure and far more than others. Eighteen years may not seem a lot for those who have surpassed that age and it can seem quite older to anyone younger. But for me, I have lived through almost eighteen entire years and with each turn of the earth you learn so many new things. What a blessing it is to be able to grow so much in a year’s time period.

One thing that I learned, however, can be translated onto a much bigger scale and that’s what I want to spend this blog post writing about. It’s a little lesson that we all learn at a pretty young age that shows up again and again in nonessential ways throughout our entire lives. That lessons is this, if you lose something and eventually make up your mind to purchase a replacement or even go purchase the replacement, you’re ninety-nine.nine times more likely to find the original thing you lost.

It seems as if this little lesson translate into our life. It does so subtly without our realization, that is until we put the dots together if we indeed end up putting them together. You see, in life there are so many things we should let go of. There are so many things that we hold too tightly too. We’re all guilty of doing this and the truth is, we just don’t know how to let go of something until we just release it.

We can be holding on tightly for months leading up to one second and in that one second we make a decision. We let go. And there’s no coming back from that point because we’ve reached the end and there’s not a chance we’ll pick up what we dropped. It’s like when we lose something, we hold onto the fact that it’s still in our procession, we just don’t know where it is. So we search for it, or in the case of the thing we cling too tightly, we search for reasons why we shouldn’t let go.

But holding on does not bring our healing or our closure. It keeps the wounds fresh and the emotions riled up. What we need is that point, the point where we just say “That’s it. I’m ready.” This doesn’t necessarily mean the next second you’re completely fine with whatever it is that you’ve been holding on to. It means you’re ready to embrace the process of getting through it, there will be emotions and it will be messy, but you’ve already gotten through the hardest part.

You seen when we give up searching in the case of the lost item, we then go out a buy a new thing. We choose to bring something new and fresh into our lives, we do the same thing with our circumstances. When we let go of the thing we’ve lost and have been holding tightly too, we open ourselves up for the chance to allow something new to come in. Not necessarily to replace whatever it is what we let go of, but to take’s its place.

And you know what usually happens? You usually end up finding the original. Or in the case of circumstance, you end up finding closure. You get to have that conversation, you get to properly close the chapter and end that part of your story. You’ve already made the decision to put it behind you, but you are given the opportunity to find peace in it all. Yet it was only after you made that decision. That is the most important part of it all, when you make the realization that you must continue on with your life no matter what happens.

And so you see, life is just like when you lose an item. You lose it, you spend so much time and energy looking for it, you finally make the decision to let it go, you go out and purchase a new item, and in the end you usually end up with closure. And you may ask what happens if you don’t? Well think of it this way, there are just some things you cannot cover up and they will forever be floating out in the world, a loose string with no knot to tie it down. And that’s okay too.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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