Day 195: Stillness

It’s all about learning to live with the stillness, with the peace, and with the solitude. There are times when we must retreat into our own little world and there are other times when we choose to retreat into our world. But we must learn how to live with ourselves in the stillness and that is a far more difficult task that we sometimes realize.

The hardest person to live with in the world, is not any other person that exists. It is simply ourselves. We have to learn to live with ourselves and that will be the most challenge task of all. Especially when there is nothing to distract us from everything going on inside of our hearts and our minds. When the outside world begins to lack distractions, we begin to realize how neglected we have let ourselves become.

Stillness is the enemy of a chaotic soul.

We must learn to accept the stillness as an opportunity to reconnect with who we are and become reintroduced to who we are. Avoiding the stillness will never lead to the peace we desire. We have to be comfortable sitting in silence without anything to do but listen to our thoughts and understand where we are coming from. Accepting the stillness will allow you to turn your mind to the important matters of figuring out what’s going on beneath the surface.

We must learn to live with the things we have done and the things we have been through. Avoiding or refusing to accept certain areas of our life will leave blank spots in our hearts that are filled with chaos. We cannot sit in stillness if we do not first create a stillness inside of us. Allow yourself to go back through everything you have been through. Sometimes facing the pain is the only way to come through on the other side. And the longer you let it sit the bigger the wound will become.

We must learn to exist in the stillness without needing a distraction. Our lives are so chalked full of things that distract us from literally everything else. Every job, meeting, deadline, event, etc. keeps us from simply being alone with ourselves. Sometimes we intentionally create a life that is so busy we don’t have the time to think freely. We avoid ourselves better than avoiding people we dislike. Our thoughts and our feelings cannot be avoided forever, they will either demand to be felt or we must make room for them to be heard.

We must learn to create in ourselves a peace that cannot be found anywhere else. When the world runs at breakneck speed, we have to have a stillness inside of us that keeps us grounded. The only way to create that stillness inside of us is accepting the opportunities we receive of being still with ourselves alone. In the silence we must learn to create a safe haven for silence inside of us. The only way to rest in stillness comfortably is if we come to terms with ourselves and learn how to live with us.

The hardest task we will ever be given is learning to live with who we are. It will be difficult, and we will do everything in our power to avoid our inner thoughts and feelings. Stillness, silence, and time away from the world can be our worst fears. But they must be overcome in order to be at peace when the world is in chaos.

Life is about learning to live in our own stillness.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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