Day 194: Connection

I discovered a quote on Pinterest today. In fact I discover lots of quotes on Pinterest every day, it’s a wonderful website to find inspiration of every kind. It’s also a place you go in order to disappear for a few hours and reappear somewhere in the DIY section wondering how on earth you got there. But anyways, I found a quote on there today and it was so wonderfully beautiful I have to share it.

The quote goes as follows (and even though it’s quite long it is so worth the read):

Please, just let love in. Tell people how you feel, and do not worry about being too much. Be too much. Care too much. Let people show up for you. Let people remind you that there is goodness in this world. Be vulnerable, do not be afraid of what you feel. Try to find the beauty in each breakdown, try to move forward and let go; try to learn and believe in new beginnings despite what you have been through. Kiss the faces of your friends, hug their broken pieces back together, laugh loudly and hope loudly and live loudly and be gentle with yourself, be gentle with your healing. Connect, connect, connect – with every ounce of who you are, with every inch of your patchwork heart. Connect with the people who make you feel deeply. Connect with the moment that bring tears to your eyes. Connect with the things that make your hands shake, embrace the things that men you aware of just how lucky you are to be alive. Please, just connect – because beautiful things are vanishing each and every day. Do not let your heart become one of them.

While this quote may be incredibly long and you may not have felt like reading the whole thing, I encourage you to read it word for word. The message it is sharing with each and every one of us, is so important to grasp and really hold onto. Early on in life we learn to become disconnect from people because of little slips of broken trust that lead to a general distrust of everyone in general.

This distrust leads to a heart hardened to connection, it rejects wonderful opportunities because we have come to fear being hurt. One must realize that in this life, we cannot avoid getting hurt. But just because we get hurt once and a while does not mean we should be so scared of connections that we push away people we could have beautiful connections with. Maybe we had to go through the hurt in order to get to the connections that are really truly worth having.

Just because one person hurt us in the past does not mean every person we meet will hurt us. We cannot go into a healthy relationship with anyone thinking it will end in pain and hurt. That is not the basis to build strong connections on. Any connection built on distrust will crumble faster than the other person could ever walk away.

Connect depends on being vulnerable enough to let someone walk into your heart knowing full well they have the power in their hands to cause incredible pain. Let the love in knowing it has the power to destroy you in a single instant. That is what true connection is about.

What is life without the people we have in it? If you were to take a look at your own life, how many of the people in it are truly connected to you? Probably not as many as you would think. True connection takes vulnerability and that is not something we willing offer up on a silver platter. I challenge you to be more open, I know it’s something I struggle with, but a life lived without connection is not lived at all.

The people in our lives that we are truly connected to make life worth living. Be vulnerable, love often, love beyond reason and tell people about it. This life is about the lives we touch and the lives that touch us. Never forget that. Connection is the key to everything.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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