Day 191: Seasons Of Waiting

Time is all around us, it is the one thing we can never escape. It is a constant force in our lives that will often dictate our next actions and choices, yet we have little control over it. It passes by without a hesitation and it will never slow its course. Time is our most precious possession that slowly slips through our hands.

As that time slips through our fingers we often encounter long periods of waiting. Whether we are waiting for something, someone, or some sort of opportunity, we have all gone through periods of anticipation. During the waiting, everything seems to hang in a thick stillness. The clock continues its plight and we are left wondering if that which we are striving after or wishing for will ever arrive.

Seasons of waiting are some of the hardest parts of our life to endure. They stretch on forever and all we can do is watch. We watch other achieve or gain what we are waiting for and it can be hard not to feel envious. Our hearts all long for certain things, a relationship, a certain job, a specific opportunity, etc. Yet sometimes it is not the right time in our life for that thing.

Our perspectives are so narrow we cannot possibly see the fact that we are simply not ready. During the period of waiting we can often question and doubt our worthiness of such a wish, but we forget how little of our timelines we see. We can only see the here and now, we could never imagine what will come in the future and we cannot put the dots from our past together. All we can see in what is in front of us and when we’re waiting, that can be quite painful.

When we are waiting, time feels heavy. It presses down around us and feels almost too heavy to bear. Waiting can drain the heart and create bitterness or resentment. But we must remember two very important things. The first is that the best things often take the most time to reach us. They take their time coming because they are worth having.

When it comes cheap and fast, the quality and the value is often much lower. Waiting for the best and not settling for what we have can lead to amazing, amazing opportunities. Waiting creates an even bigger longing in our heart for that which we do not have yet. We cannot let the bitterness take over, what is worth having will come in its own time.

The second thing we must remember is that waiting is not a passive act. Waiting requires movement and motion. Just because we are waiting for something does not mean we should simply sit back and let what happens happen. This is the perfect time for action and for change.

Maybe this period of waiting is teaching us lessons and crafting us into the right kind of person to receive what we’re asking for. What if the person you are now simply cannot handle what you want? This is the time to create change in your life in order to become a stronger and more resilient version of yourself.

Periods of waiting are for transformation and action. We cannot be passive while we are waiting, the less the do the longer we will have to wait. If we are working hard at becoming a newer version of ourselves we are getting closer to reaching whatever is at the end of our season of waiting. Maybe we have to transform during this period of waiting in order to hold the weight of what we asked for.

Waiting can be an incredibly heavy burden, but remember that some of the best things in life take the most time to reach us. And while we wait we can work on crafting ourselves into a more resilient version of who we are. This time is an opportunity unlike any other, allow your time of waiting to be a time of transformation.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

Stillness presses down on the field and the clouds rest heavy in their kingdom far above. The only sound to be heard is the rumbling tick tock as each second passes by the face of the clock.

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