Day 189: March Recap

Tomorrow is April! How incredible is that?! It seems like yesterday was just New Year’s Eve and time does not show any signs of slowing down. So we must go forward confidently, knowing that tomorrow will be whatever we decided to make it. Our situations and our circumstances may currently be on rocky ground, but we will always be in charge of how we spend our precious time.

March was a very interesting month. It started out quite normally, I got back from a conference and headed quickly back into my routine. However, something had begun to develop that quickly spread across the entire world. The Coronavirus was not something anyone was expecting to have to deal with and it has certainly changed our lives drastically.

As of today, I have left the house to go out into the public twice since Saturday the 14th. There has been numerous other times that I have left for photoshoots, but overall I have been spending 95% of my time at home for the past two full weeks and the entirety of this one so far. The virus was definitely something none of us expected to deal with in our lifetime.

Everything went from completely normal to complete panic. Everything is shutting down and suddenly you have to practice something called social distancing. You sit in your house nearly all day and only see your family. For many it is incredibly, incredibly hard and my heart goes out to them. The only thing I truly want right now is for the virus to completely disappear. However, if I am being honest, I have truly enjoyed my time in quarantine.

As an introvert and a homebody, my routine did not change much at all. I already spent much of my time at home and the closing of nonessential businesses has simply led to the freeing of my evenings. I have been creating like never before, posting twice a week for the past few weeks, and knocking things off my to do list that have been on their for months.

While I have spent far too much time on social media and scrolling through the news, overall I have been able to dedicate my time to being productive. Thank the Lord the profession I have dedicated my life to is a rather solitary and isolated craft. If I did not have photography, this blog, a love for reading, and an obsession with journaling, I do not know where I would find myself.

But my favorite moment of March was when I decided to try an make the most of this situation by dedicating the next 30 days to growth. Called my 30 Days of Growth, I am doing little and big things every day in order to promote growth mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Already it has been a test for me in so many areas and I am currently on Day 4. I am truly looking forward to the results I will be by the end of this.

While our situation is truly grievous, there is hope on the horizon. We can use this time to truly get back to the fundamentals, to what’s truly important. Family, friends, connection, and love. These are the essentials that can be so lost in every day life. I hope you will come to realize just how important it is to have the things in our lives and will use these days of social distancing as a time to cultivate the fundamentals.

This is a time to get back in touch with ourselves and those we love. While none of us expected to experience a pandemic in our lifetime, we must make the most of the situation and keep our perspective always on the good. Stay healthy, I’m looking forward to the growth we will see in April.

Biggest Lesson Learned: There will be many things in our life that come out of nowhere and they will not matter. What matters is how we handle those situations.
Favorite Moment: Spending time at home creating some of my favorite work ever.
Summed Up In One Word: Creation.  

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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