Day 186: 30 Days Of Growth

What would you do if you were given a reset button? If one day you woke up and someone was waiting outside of your door telling you that today’s the day. Today you can change literally anything about yourself and your life. What would you do? Chance are, we would take that opportunity. I hate to say it, but I do believe the coronavirus is that someone and it is telling you that right now is the absolute best time to change.

Not many people have lived through a time quite like this, hopefully most of us will never have to live through another circumstance such as this one. However, within all of its horrid outcomes there comes a single opportunity. Change. This is the reset button. This is your chance to rewrite, rework, revise, and reconstruct anything you would like to in your life. It is quite possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity to completely start from scratch.

If you’re like most people, you have taken to spending more time at home. There have been period of great productivity, extreme boredom, and a higher risk of great annoyance. This is the precaution we must take in order to restore our lives back the way they were. In the meantime, however, there is a beautiful invitation waiting for you. The person you want to be who is living out the life you want to live, is ushering you towards them. Do not miss this opportunity for rebirth.

No one knows how long this will be going on, but I cannot imagine everything will be perfectly normal by the end of April. Which is why I am suggesting to you that we take thirty days to (in modern day terms) glow up. To change everything we wish to change, to reconnect with our hearts, to make improvements in every area of our lives. So that when the world has returned to normal, we have come through it as a brand new person.

Personally, I am quite excited about cultivating growth during this period of isolation. I believe isolation is the best time to chance one’s self, there’s no one there to look and criticize along the way. You can almost change without anyone notice and reemerge a completely different person. I want this time to be one of coming into our potential and reconnecting with ourselves.

My thirty day routine is going to look like this: Journaling in the morning and evening, skin care routine in the morning and evening, spending more time reading the Bible and praying, working out in some capacity, spending less time on social media and my phone, drinking more water and eating healthier, day dreaming and sitting in silence in order to hear my thoughts better, and creating a creative self portrait of some sort.

During these thirty days I am working on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Focusing on the mind, heart, body, and soul in order to restore myself from the inside out in a way that with hopefully promote growth. I want to emerge stronger and more alive than I was before.

So I challenge you to spend the next thirty days making the most of our situations and of our isolation. Grow into a new version of yourself, the one you have always wanted to be. This is an opportunity to transition away from the eyes of the world in a way that will be completely fluid. This is your chance, do not waste it. What will you be doing in the next 30 days to cultivate growth in your life?

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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