Day 185: Broken Growth

Life happens. It happens every single day and because of that, heartbreak happens. We can often feel broken and defeated because of the circumstances we go through. It is simply part of life that must be accepted, there’s no use trying to change that simple fact. Nothing we do can keep us from being heartbroken on occasion.

During these times, it can be so easy to feel overpowered by the world. It presses down on our hearts and casts this feeling of worthlessness over our shoulders. When situations are outside of our control and unexpected circumstances arise our hearts shudder and falter. We can feel our strength crumbling under the weight of the world.

When we are heartbroken and feeling utterly defeated, we slowly break down piece by piece until we feel as if there is simply nothing left of ourselves. It not only breaks down our hearts, but our very sense of self. Further and further we begin to break apart, crumbling under the pressure of it all.

Yet there is still hope. Even though while we are living out these times in our life it can feel quite dark and painful, there is still life inside of us. And while there is breath in our lungs and blood in our veins there will always be hope. Never give up on the idea that there is still so much ahead of us, waiting for us to reach that point in our journey. It is never the end until the very end.

During a period of heartbreak we are given the best opportunity for growth. The fractures that are forming on the face of our hearts are slowing pulling down the walls and are now letting in the light. The cracks continue to grow and therefore allow new things the opportunity to touch our hearts and change us from the inside out.

When we feel broken, we are in the best place to rebuild. When our heart collapses into pieces, we have no other option but to build it again. No heart manages to pass through life untouched by the harshness of reality, but that does not mean it will not heal and become stronger each time it encounters brokenness.

However, when we face these situations, a version of ourselves collapses. The walls come tumbling down and everything we thought to be true slips away and we’re left wondering what we have left. Because of that we have two options. We can either try picking up the pieces and piecing it back together the best we can. Or try crafting something completely new.

When we opt for the first option and put ourselves back together the way we were, it can lead to faltering beliefs and uncertainties. Whereas building our self up into a new and fresh person can lead to stronger beliefs and a better understanding of who we want to be when we make it through. Heartbreak offers to us a wonderful opportunity to become everything we’ve always wanted to be.

During time’s of heartbreak, isolation, and uncertainties we must recognize the time of opportunity we have just been gifted. It may be hard to realize that the shaking of our core is actually the sound of growth, but we must understand every period of darkness leads to the most beautiful beginning.

We must learn to cultivate a life of rebirth. There is still life inside of us just waiting for the sun to touch it. The cracks that are forming over the surface of our heart will bring with it the warmest rays of sunshine to begin transforming the garden inside of us. During our brokenness we can find the beautiful chance to grow.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

(Beginning of life outside the maternal organism)
Crumbling under the weight of the world, the facade falls away to reveal new and beautiful growth. From the heart comes a new version of life, stronger and more resilient than before.

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