Day 184: Feeling Confidence

There are many times during our lifetime that we face situations that are outside of our comfort zone. We become nervous and unsure, questioning literally every decision you have ever made that would possibly bring you to this point in time. It is during these times of nerve wrecking circumstances that we feel our confidence slipping away on the tide.

Today was one of those days for me. I was facing an unknown circumstance that required me to engage in activities I find terribly uncomfortable. Was I rather petrified at the prospect? Absolutely. Was it go for me? Definitely. When we do things that are outside of our comfort zone and partake in areas that we usually avoid, we grow as people. What an incredibly wonderful thing. Without growth we have absolutely nothing to look forward to. However, it can be incredibly hard to feel confident in unknown circumstances. Which is why I compiled a short list of little things you can do in order to feel more confident in area of life (especially when speaking with others or in interviews).

Talk Slower.

You might not think you’re talking quickly, but the truth is you’re probably galloping through sentences. It can be really hard to take your time when your heart is beating out of your chest, however, it is vital to slow down. Not only for the other person who is trying to understand everything that you are saying. But also for yourself. You can only think so fast and if you’re allowing your speech to run wild, you’re not necessarily giving thought to every word you’re saying. Try taking a deep breath and take a few meaningful pauses. Talking slower gives you time to think and the other person time to process. Slowing down is vital for both parties.

Dress in Confidence.

This applies to everything, especially when something is over the phone when the other person cannot see you. If you’re lacking the confidence to make a big ask or speak with a stranger, dress in what you feel the most confident in. It’s all about faking it until you make it. Feeling confident in what you wear can be a great reminder that you can indeed accomplish much more than you thought possible. Figure out what you enjoy wearing, it could be anything from a business suit to a ballgown, and then wear that. For me, that was slacks and a 100% silk shirt paired with my favorite pair of heels. While I might not have felt very confident inside, I know I looked and felt confident on the outside.

Turn Nerves Into Excitement.

Being worried or fearful of whatever faces you will only undermine you even further. Take a huge break, speak slower, wear what makes you feel confident and turn those nerves into excitement. Instead of thinking of all the ways the situation could go wrong, think of all the ways it could go right. Picture yourself succeeding and tell yourself that you’ve got it. A lot of our nervousness comes from our inner monologue, interrupt yourself and give yourself a pep talk. Nerves can twist a situation out of proportions while excitement helps you look forward to whatever you’re about to face. For a physical way of turning nerves into excitement, rub your hands back and forth quickly and give yourself a big smile.

It is truly about faking it until you make it. The other person doesn’t know you’re nervous, use that to your advantage. Get into your head and remind yourself of everything you’ve done this far. You’ve done so much and you can do so much for, don’t let your fear undermine your success. Confidence is one of the most beautiful crowns someone can wear, don’t let your chin down darling.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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