Day 180: Blossoms

Spring in it’s very essence is about change. This is the season of growth, rebirth, and a deep and noticeable change. There is something so magical and mystifying about the fact that in the course of a few days a single tree can go from bare to blossoms to foliage. Nothing remains bleak forever and in every situation we can kind the sprouts of renewal.

We all go through seasons of winter in our lives. These periods of time can last for days, weeks, or months – possibly even longer. During this wintery season, we can feel isolated and weary. The cloudy skies hang heavy over our hearts and our landscape is far to bare to spark any kind of joy. The cold winds blow and the temperatures drop without a single flurry of snow. These are periods of harsh winters, not the magical kind.

The hours stretch on endlessly. Inside of us our spirits wither and shrink within us, waiting for the calming relief of warm breezes and a few sun rays. During our seasons of winter, everything last forever and there isn’t an end in sight. All we know is confusion, isolation, and this muted feeling of just lacking life.

Not much can change these seasons, more often than not they can seem outside of our control and beyond our reach. We bend to the seasons in our lives instead of bending the seasons to our lives. We ace winters at unexpected times and never know when the refreshing spring will come around the corner.

It might surprise us to realize that we do indeed have control over our seasons. We may not be able to keep winter’s away forever or predict when spring will grace our horizons. But we can live a life of cultivation. We can cultivate the environment for change and cushion the landings of the crashes that come with the darker times. Never underestimate the power of readying yourself, if you nurture your heart just a little bit more you would be surprised to see what blossoms.

Our soul, our heart, and our mind is much like a flowering bush. It retreats when the winter winds come and blossoms in vibrant colors during the spring before settling into it’s resting state. When we spend time nurturing ourselves to always be on the verge of change, we are constantly blossoming.

By taking every situation as a teacher and by taking the steps to remedy the heart when we fall on hard times, we are better prepared to take on what comes. Winter will become less harsh when we are always looking for growth and the good. Spring will come faster when we actively strive for growth and renewal.

It is all about how we come at it. When we do not prepare the winter will take everything out of us and we will be at the hands of the season. But when we are actively preparing ourselves and looking for the opportunities in every situation, we will glide through the seasons and upwards towards the sunshine.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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