Day 179: Forming Connections

It is during times of great darkness that we need to find connection. When the shadows creep into our lives and everything seems to be falling into chaos, there has to be a string of connection that keeps us rooted. During times of hardship, uncertainties, and fear we need to grasp onto something that is beyond ourselves.

When something is bigger than who we are, we are reminded that we are not alone. Even though we may feel incredibly isolated and lonely. Connection is so much bigger than us because it brings more than one person together in a deep relationship. It is vitally important to lean into these relationships when we face the shaking of our very core.

We need to find connection in other as well as in ourselves and the feelings whirling inside of our minds. When the world thrashes too much and throws up a cloud of dust, it can be so hard not to recede into our shell. We easily become disconnected with everything when we feel the grip of fear consuming our minds.

We hide beneath the numbing of our senses and our emotions while separating ourselves from others. Fear causes a divide between people because we believe there is safety in distance. We desire some control over our situations and pushing others away is a kind of control and safety net that allows us to feel on top of something. What an unfortunate lie that so many of us believe.

It is during these times of uncertainties when it is so incredibly important to draw closer to the ones you love. When we practice disconnecting from others, we are only amplifying the feelings of chaos. Without the steady love and support from those around us, we give into fear so easily.

We are part of our own personal community of love and support, chaotic times do not need to be dealt with alone. Everyone we care about is probably feeling just as frantic and allowing others to know you feel the same provides them with the understanding that they are not alone in how they feel. Our connection to one another is by far one of the most important things to think about in times of hardships.

As you draw closer to others you will strengthen the bond between you. This allows both you and them to be comforted by each other presence in their life. However, do not ignore the bond connecting you to yourself. You are an incredibly important part of the relationships you have with others. Do not neglect yourself when you feel afraid of what the future might hold.

Remember that it is completely acceptable to feel the emotions you are feeling and to be afraid. But you do not need to be controlled by them. They will not last forever, you will. Nurture yourself and your heart. When everything outside is stirring into a whirlwind, find the peace inside yourself. There is always peace to be found in and after the storm.

Tether yourself to those you love and to yourself. Use this time as an opportunity to strengthen the bonds that are already in place and any you would like to form. You are not the only person feeling this way, so be sure to reach out to others. Remind them that you are there if they need anything. When chaos happens, connection should ensue.

We are in this together and in order to truly be together, we must reach out. Hardships strengthen connections into bonds of iron, unbreakable and unshakable. These connections become string of light in a world filled with shadows. Now is not the time to distance yourself. Draw close to those you care about and allow them to draw close to you. Together we can get through anything.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

(connect, tie together)
Shifting clouds throw careless shadows across the ground below, stirring the world with its restless movement. In the midst of the uncertainty, remain the ties of connection which snap taut and do not waver in the unforeseen circumstances.

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