Day 177: Book Review: The Sacred Enneagram by Christopher L. Heuertz

A little over a year ago, I was introduced to this thing called the Enneagram. After taking a rather detailed and free online test I discovered I was an Enneagram Type 4. . . whatever that meant. Having always been interested in different personality type tests and discovering more about myself, this new realm of possibilities peeked my interest instantly.

After further discovery, I found that the Enneagram “can be seen as a set of nine distinct personality types, with each number on the Enneagram denoting one type. It is common to find a little of yourself in all nine of the types, although one of them should stand out as being closest to yourself. This is your basic personality type” (Enneagram Institute).

In other words there are nine different personality types within the Enneagram, each with a very different and unique set of characteristics. When I read more about the Type 4, which I had tested as, I was shocked at how accurately I was being described. It was literally like I was being described directly, which is unusually for me because most personality types have never really gotten in “right”. I’ve taken the Myers-Briggs test and a variety of others and have never quite found one like this.

Without getting into too much detail about how the Enneagram works (I highly suggest you check it out yourself, because it is fascinating and you will not regret it. If you want to take a free test, this is the one I took.), let’s get into this book.

I discovered the author, Christopher L. Heuertz, after listening to a podcast by the musician Sleeping At Last about the Enneagram. The musician brought on this author and they mentioned his book, which instantly caught my attention because I had been wanting to learn more about the Enneagram.

Let me tell you. . . This book is completely incredible. Filled with beautiful words and paragraphs that just captivate the mind with how beautifully it is written. I highlighted so many sentences, not just for the knowledge they were conveying, but for how they were written. It is truly a masterfully written book and it covers everything perfectly.

This book is designed to help you, as your specific Enneagram type, find your way home to your True Self. To help you uncover your wounds, fixations, and fears in order to get back to who we really are at the core. The Enneagram, “reveals our path for recovering our true identity and helps us navigate the journey home.”

Divided into three different sections, you are introduced to every single facet of the Enneagram structure and then to the individual types themselves. I would highly recommend not reading this book for the sole purpose of learning more about your personality characteristics. It is so much more than that. Read about every type, you might discover insight into the personalities of those you love.

This book is truly about gaining a better understanding of the bigger picture and allowing that to change you on the micro-level. We are all very unique and beautifully made human beings, however, we can often get lost in the junk of the world. With the help of the Enneagram and this practical, beautiful guide we can find our ways back to who were created to be. It’s a journey back to ourselves.

It is a truly wonderful book that almost needs to be read more than once to be fully absorbed and trust me, when you reach the end you will want to read it again. Written beautifully from beginning to end, this is a must read for those of you seeking to discover who you truly are underneath all the extra stuff we’ve piled on top.

Rating: Five Starts
Re-readability: High (Should be read again for full comprehension)
Get It Here

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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