Day 176: Tips For Social Distancing

A lot of things happen in life that are completely and utterly unexpected. The coronavirus is by far one of the most unexpected turn of events any of us could have imagined. I don’t know about you, but I was not planning on spending the month of March practicing social distancing because a virus is making it’s rounds world wide. And yet here we are.

As an introvert and homebody, I have discovered that my every day life resembles social distancing quite a bit. I really enjoy spending time by myself within the comfort of my own walls. However, I understand that there are a lot of people who are no used to spending this much time at home with their own thoughts. Because of this I wanted to suggest a few things to do while we spend this time at home.

  • Get creative.

Now that we seem to have unlimited time on our hands and the days seem sluggish at best, maybe it’s time to experiment creatively. This could look different for a lot of people and range from any media type. Painting, photography, sketching, scrap-booking, mixed media, etc. There are so many art forms in the world that can be fun to experiment and play around with. And if you’re an artist already, take this as an opportunity to hone in on your skills. Try new things and really focus on the details of your craft. You will have far fewer interruptions this week than ever before, why not use this as an chance to really dedicate yourself to your creativity?

  • Take a few minutes every day for reflection.

Reflection can be an incredibly amazing way to spend this time because it will teach us so much about ourselves. I already spend a lot of time alone, but if someone isn’t used to being alone with themselves for such a long period of time, it can seem like getting to know a stranger. Block out a few minutes in your day to simply sit and search through your thoughts and your feelings. There are a lot of things going on beneath the surface that we don’t necessarily notice during our busy times. Now that we have all the time in the world, maybe we should focus on getting to know ourselves a little.

  • Stay as active as possible.

Time at home. That seems like an open invitation to sitting on the coach all day every day for the rest of the virus lock down. Don’t let that be so. Who said you had to sit around the entire time? YouTube a few in-home workout routines that will help you get your blood pumping and heart racing. If you have weights or other workout equipment, be sure to incorporate that into your daily routine. I’ve been running and strengthening my legs for when dance starts again. Whatever you enjoy doing, be sure to find time to do a lot of it so that your body stays healthy.

  • Read a book or maybe two.

When was the last time you read a book? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have time to read in your busy schedule but have picked up a few books along the way that have looked interesting. Well, make a cup of tea, grab a blanket, and read for hours on end. It can be an incredibly peaceful way to spend your time. With fiction, you have a way of escaping reality which can seem quite enticing during this time. With nonfiction, you have time to improve yourself and your life if you really dedicate to it.

  • Spend some time breathing fresh air.

Just because we’re supposed to be at home, doesn’t mean we can’t get some fresh air. Even if you spend only a few minutes in the great outdoors, you’ll be better off than just sitting inside all day. Take your activities onto your porch, sit and look at the world around. You might even have a park near you where you can go for a walk or a hike. Breathing in fresh air is never a bad idea and can really clear your mind after long days on the computer or phone. If the weather is colder where you are, step outside just to grab a few lung fulls of the crisp air or throw open a window for a minute.

  • Be sure to journal.

We are literally living through the events that will make up history textbooks. Don’t underestimate the power of writing it all down, not only for your clarity, but for the preservation of history. Get your thoughts, fears, worries, and concerns down on paper as well as everything your thankful for. This can be a really good way to clean out your mind and help you to think clearly. When we don’t take the time to slow down, we can easily overreact and panic. Allow this to be a time of getting connect with yourself and your mind.

  • Don’t forget to call.

Everyone is facing the side effects of this virus, be sure to check in with people. Call your friends, message them. Let people know you’re thinking about them and keep them company during this time. Reconnect with people you haven’t spoken to in a while and be sure to tell those you care about how much you love them. It can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be scary and lonely. We may have to stay at home more often, but that doesn’t mean we cannot stay connected. Reach out and be there for others, we all need it during this time.

I hope everyone is doing good and staying healthy. We’ll get through this.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

1 thought on “Day 176: Tips For Social Distancing”

  1. These are all great tips for people as we navigate this new reality. As a writer and artist who works from home, my days have been largely unaffected by this crisis. Still, I’ve taken advantage of the downtime to invest in some online art courses. By the way, your photos are wonderful. Glad I found your blog.


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