Day 173: End Of The Week

For me, Sunday is the very last day of the week. It has been for as long as I can remember much to the surprise of many people who assure me that Sunday is indeed the first day of the week. No matter, Sunday will always be the last day of my week which is why it is most likely the most important.

The last day of the week is for tying up loose ends and completing to do’s that simply didn’t get done during the week. Not only that, the last day of the week is the day to plan out the next seven days that begin on Monday morning.

Often times we can use Sunday as our lazy day, no matter if it’s the first or last day of the week. It’s the weekend and so we take all the time in the world to do basically nothing. Because of this, Monday mornings can tend to go a little hectically since we’re so caught up with trying to figure out what to do with this week.

Planning ahead of time is so important to running a successful and smooth life. If we do not plan ahead of time, you can find yourself scattered and stressed for absolutely no reason. Things can be so simple if we just took the time and looked at everything before it was time to complete it.

There needs to be a certain level of dedication to our week as well. Too often we get to Sunday or Monday and realize nothing we wanted to get done was accomplished. This has happened far too many times for me. I set up a weekly to do and when the week is over only a couple of things have been accomplished. Monday and Tuesday are usually my most productive days, but as I get further into the week the less productive I get.

We need to readjust our priorities and really buckle down in order to focus on the things we know we want to get done. There are so many things in life that could be ours if we simply took the time and effort to dedicate ourselves to them. If only we planned ahead and took the time to think through things, maybe we would be in a different position than the one we are in right now.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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