Day 172: Your Message

Underestimating or undervaluing our worth is something I believe we all have a habit of doing. We desire to make a difference and share a message that is close to our heart, yet we shrink away of those around us afraid of their rejection. Our message stays bottled up inside of us and the world suffers because of it.

Everyone has something to say that the world can benefit from. It might be in the form of a large overarching message or in the form of a few kind words directed towards a single individual. Impact and change comes in all forms and sizes. No message is more important than the next because it may end up changing the world or it might end up changing someone’s world. Change can happen on a variety of levels and each is important.

Self doubt is the killer of the messages we have to share with the world. We allow a sliver of doubt to enter our minds as we think about sharing, start sharing or even continue to share and it undermines everything. The confidence to share something we are passionate about can so easily be turned around when we begin to doubt. Doubt kills a world changing message before it even leaves the tongue of the messenger.

Never underestimate the power of the message you have to give. Everyone has something important to say and there is someone in the world who needs to hear it. It could just be one single person, but your message will change their life completely. Isn’t it worth sharing your message in order to reach that one specific person?

It can be so hard when you overthink other people’s reaction to however you intend to share your passions. But the truth is they are far to busy worrying about themselves to even give a single thought towards you. As harsh as that seems, it is terribly true. People are far to wrapped up in their own self doubt to notice yours. Take this with a spring in your step because that means you can focus your full attention of sharing the message rather than the people receiving it.

Your message deserves to be shared with the world. Take heart because it matters. It truly goes and that should be motivation enough to keep going. Share your message on all platforms and with everyone you think needs to hear it. You never know who’s life you will touch with your words and if you stop now, their life may never be changed.

Everyone has something worth sharing, don’t let your own self-doubt kill that message before it reaches the person it needs to.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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