Day 170: Best Be Living

Time is an extremely delicate and complex topic to think about. It is indeed multifaceted and stretches on for eternity in each direction, making it far too vast for our minds to wrap around. With every moment that passes, we have lived through a piece of our time that we will never be able to recover.

Picture it this way, everyone has a clock inside of them the began ticking at the very beginning of their lives. No one has the same clock and it ticks differently for everyone. This clock has been wound up once and will continue to tick until the time comes for it to stop. Although some may feel the effects as it begins slowing down, it ultimately comes without warning and unexpectedly.

Each second that passes us by will never come back and this through terrifies us. There is so much fear and uncertainty mixed into the subject of time, it causes anxiety and confusion because of how hard of a subject it is to grasp. Since the ending of our time scares us so much, we spend our lives chasing down time in the hopes of getting more of it. We live frantically, trying to shove in as much as we possibly can.

Because we lack control in such a monumental area of our lives, we can easily spend them running after wanting more. We believe that if we had just a little more time we would be happier and we would be able to pay attention more to the present moment. So we chase and we strive and search for a way to capture just one more second.

But the truth is this, the clock that is inside of us will stop ticking one day and nothing we do can change that. When it is our time, it will be our time. As harsh of a statement as that is, it is the undeniable and unchangeable truth that we have to learn to live with.

However, there is no much hope because at this very second we are alive and that makes all the difference. We often ignore the fact that we have life flowing through our veins because we are distracted by the fear of it ending. Fear can consume us, either consciously or subconsciously, and it pulls us away from enjoying the life we are living. However, for as long as our clock is ticking, we must look to what we have right now.

Time will always do what time does, it will fly by and it is up to us to decide what to do with that information. The best possible choice to make is so simple, yet so incredibly hard to perform. Stop chasing time. You will never be able to find more, it is literally impossible to do. Nothing will alter the clock inside of us, so it is time to embrace the fragility and beauty of our lives.

There will be a time when the clock ceases its countdown, but that time is not now. So we must learn to live. Focus on the time you are experiencing now, far too often we forget to enjoy the time we have because we’re worrying about the time we won’t have. The fear of having our clock stop ticking keeps us from enjoying the fact that it is currently counting our every second and minute.

Don’t wait to enjoy your life. We do not know when our time will come so we must learn to enjoy the time we are given now. Worrying will not push back the inevitable, it will only distract you from finding happiness in the present. Instead of thinking about the end, look for the beauty in the everyday and say the things that are on your heart.

If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, how would you act today? Probably pretty differently than how you are acting. Well, what if you might die tomorrow? If you have even the slightest thought that the clock might come to an end with the next 24 hours? I have a feeling we would all be acting a lot different. The future is not granted and there is the slightest thought that tomorrow might be our last.

Because we don’t know, we continue living as if we’ll get to the end of our long lives and then our clocks will cease ticking. But we just have no idea. The time is now for the only time that is guaranteed time is the time that has already passed. So live like your clock will come to a stop tomorrow. But do not live in the fear of the end, fear getting to the end and regretting all the things you didn’t do.

You never know when the end will come and when it does, we best be living our lives to the fullest. Our life is truly incredible, what a waste it would be to spend it worrying about when it will end.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

(time, lifetime, time of life)
The slow, methodical ticking beats on in rhythm with the heart, creating a symphony of life. Sunlight filters through the bare trees giving way to the realization that this is life and it is truly, completely wonderful. Our clock ticks on, but it is drowned out by life flowing through our veins.

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