Day 167: Music Favorites

Music is a huge part of my life and has been for as long as I can remember. No matter what I’m doing I will most likely have music playing in the background especially when I am creating. There is just something so special about the way music can inspire and motivate you in different areas.

  • Nick Wilson

Composed mainly of single without any large albums, each of Nick Wilson’s song are breath taking. The first time I heard his song “All The Same” I knew instantly it would be my favorite song for years to come. Having listened to it hundreds of times, I still get the same amount of chills I did when I heard it the first time.

  • Ólafur Arnolds

Airy music filled with emotion and inexplicable beauty, every song composed by Ólafur Arnolds is truly magical. This Icelandic composer creates an atmosphere in every single of his songs. It would be impossible to say which single song is my favorite, so I would have to say the album he composed for the television series Broadchurch is my favorite.

  • for KING & COUNTRY

Uplifting, transformative and easy to listen to, for KING & COUNTRY is by far one of my favorite artists to listen to. Their music, I find is best played in the quiet of morning with a steaming up of tea. Their song “Burn the Ships” is definitely my favorite and well worth listening to.

  • Ben Platt

An emotional roller coaster rise if ever I heard one, Ben Platt’s music has a way of touching your heart in ways you could never have imagined. I first discovered him on YouTube and watched his music video for “Grow As We Go” which instantly brought me to tears. Since then I’ve listen to all of his songs and found that “In Case You Don’t Live Forever” is by far my favorite.

  • SYML

Composed with nothing but feelings straight from the soul, Brian Fennell who created SYML knows exactly how to appeal to your emotions. With songs composed to sound very natural and pleasing to just about everyone, you’ll never grow tired to the endless beauty these songs have. My favorite is by far “Mr. Sandman.”

  • James Arthur

No other voice sounds quite like his with it’s deep tones and powerful notes. Emotive and captivating each of James Arthur’s songs knows how to captivate the heart. With sweet tributes to love and stories of heartbreak there is a song for every season of your life. My favorite is “Falling Like The Stars.”

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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